Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sponsored model for Geisha Wigs!

I'm now a sponsored model for Geisha Wigs. which means I get sent free wigs that need to be modelled as long as I promote their company. This is really great as i've always wanted to work with Geisha Wigs, their wigs are all good quality and inexpensive and they are UK based too!
My first wig is the blonde crinkled beauty Khaleesi:
It was gorgeous and soft to model, longer than I expected and very natural looking. I think it's based around Game of Thrones.
My first shoot for them was hime-gyaru inspired with my pink DreamV dress and floral hair band.
It was super cold that day, but luckily none of my goosebumps were visible on camera! We shot in a local park so the pinkness of the dress and the golden tones in the wig really stuck out!

I also shot with photographer Georgie Osborne with the same wig and my Angelic Pretty Honey Cake Co-ord. This was a full sea side inspired shoot.

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