Saturday, 23 March 2013

Hime-Gyaru Photoshoot published in MyM!

Issue 11 of MyM is finally here! If you read my earlier blog post you'll see I had the opportunity to do a hime-gyaru themed shoot with Pixie_Late in Trafalgar square for MyM magazine with Saoirse Clohessy. The magazine itself covers all form of Japanese media, such as anime, games and fashion, it's a magazine I really enjoy reading so as you can imagine I was super happy to be able to have my photoshoot published in it.

My first outfit was a Liz Lisa dress with a TaoBao blouse and headbow from Angelic Pretty. I actually wore Khaleesi from Geisha wigs and styled it into a hime style so it was really high and fluffy at the back. Pixie_Late was kind enough to lend me the shoes from La Parfait, as mine didn't come in time for the shoot. London is such a beautiful and dramatic backdrop for a shoot, eventhough Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden were both bustling with tourists eager to know what kind of photoshoot we were doing.

 My second outfit was a long pink Maxi dress from DreamV with a BTSSB headbow. I love this dresss so much, the colours really compliment eachother and it's super soft. Pixie brought her cute Rilakkuma Polaroid camera so we were photographed getting a couple of snaps.

I even deco'd my nails for the shoot, eventhough they were exremely cheap floral ones I think they worked well with the outfit.I found it impossible to do ANYTHING with them though, such as eat, put on eye lashes or use my phone, so I think I need to get a lot more practice with them XD

The final print came out really well, the pictures were well laid out and the article is very informative thanks to Saoirse. I'm glad Japanese fashion is being shown a lot more in the media.  (^▽^)

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