Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hime-Gyaru day in London + Okonomiyaki restaurant!

In the super rare event of me having a day off, I decided to take a trip to London to meet Pixie_Late, stuff myself with food and drink as much bubble milk tea as possible o(≧∇≦o)
We decided that day to wear Hime-Gyaru, Tania's co-ord was gorgeous with a floral Liz Lisa one piece and a huuuuge bouffant! (So as you can imagine, I had much hair envy). I wore an offbrand Princesss sleeved blouse, Alice and the Pirates Gather Chiffon OP in pink and Floral Cat ears made by Bee-Scuit.
AatP isn't a brand usually associated with Hime-Gyaru, but I felt this dress too cute and princess-like to be not be worn with it. I must say that, after wearing Hime-GAL around London a few times now, it goes get a lot more chilly than Lolita, so maybe next time it's best I wear some nude tights with my co-ord.

One memorable moment from the day was when I was waiting for Pixie_Late at the Trocadero and some random French man came up to me and said "Eh, excuse-e-me, are you waiting for me? ;D" I think my silence and shock was enough for him to realise that I was indeed, not waiting for him and he flounced off.  (,,#゚Д゚)
After meeting Pixie_Late, we went to Eat Tokyo in Picadilly, i've heard a lot about their bentos before but, I was most surprised about the size of the menu - It was enormous!
I'm pretty sure I could have killed someone with it.
Not only that, the food was fairly cheap and delicious, I also had an Aloe Vera and blueberry drink, it was really refreshing and tasty but it had some bits it in that uh...Resembled Sea Monkeys xD
I had the Tuna and Salmon Jyu - Salmon and Tuna sashimi on a bed of rice with miso and Yakitori Skewers, all of it was delicious!

Then we headed to Boba Jam for some bubble milk tea, this wasn't my usual place but I was very surprised at the menu, although they didn't have as many flavours as Cafe De Hong Kong, you could choose the type of bubbles in the drink and also topping! I picked a coconut milk tea with yogurt bubbles, and they actually burst in your mouth!
I then met up with my friend Naoki and after much wandering around London and Ice cream, we headed to Abeno, the Okonomiyaki restaurant by Leicester Square. The last time I had Okonomiyaki was in Osaka, pretty much the birth place of the dish, so I was extremely excited. I was surprised that much like in Japan, they cook it in front of you on a grill! We had the Tokyo Mix which was prawns, squid and pork.
Step 1: They bring the ingredients out to you in bowls so you can see all the different things that go into the mix.
Step 2:
They mix them all together and put them on the grill, the grill was incredibly hot so it was fun watching the mix just sizzle and bubble away.
Step 3:
After the Okinomiyaki was nice and brown they ask you for your choice of sauce, We went for the default with plenty of Mayonnaise!

Step 4:
Sprinkling on the bonito flakes and then cutting it up into sections and eating it. It was delicious and as expected, super filling. You can choose between Deluxe and Super Deluxe, I'm glad I just picked Deluxe because I already felt like I needed to take a wheelchair out of the restaurant at the end >_<

Finally I had a Shochu cocktail to wash it all down~

 Overall it was a great day, with tasty food and lovely people. I can't wait to come back to London, and when I do I'll be sure to head back to Abeno~  ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Shironuri makeup attempt #1

I started off my first attempt with a very basic and floral themed Shironuri make-up, heavily inspired by the mori take that Minori takes on Shironuri.
Shironuri is a very interesting fashion, it has very traditional roots and takes its name directly from Shironuri which is the white make-up that Geisha apply to their faces. However the fashion itself steers away from kimono and takes inspiratin from other styles such as Mori, Vintage,Decora, Gothic and Seifuku, however it's super versitile and can be incorperated in to many kinds of fashions.
The look itself is very striking and I was first inspired by an outfit by Minori that was particularly Victorian-looking and really looked like something from Malice Mizer. I hope when I get better at Shironuri I can also do a Malice Mizer inspired outfit. The influences for Shironuri seem to be at a glance, theatre costumes, Japanese militaty wear, Youkai and forest spirits, clowns and Victorian clothes and even Guro and horror. Also i'm pretty sure I saw a bee inspired outfit...*__*

There was recently a "White Faced Monster Party" In Harajuku, which was covered by Tokyo fashion (shown here http://tokyofashion.com/japanese-shironuri-harajuku-pics-video/) and it showed all the diverse styles that people intergrated with Shironuri and that the style itself is becoming really popular on the streets of Harajuku, so I can only hope that it may catch on here!

Ok~  Now I shall show you how I achieved my look!
I must stress it's my very first time and I didn't have the correct tools, as well as not being a make-up artist or even...Really knowing anything about makeup XD, however, enjoy~

Step 1.
I removed all my makeup with a facial wipe and applied some moisturizer to make my skin smooth.
Then I put in my Circle lenses, make-sure to do this first, before you put any makeup on because you really don't want to get any makeup on your lense.

Step 2.
I  applied the first layer of white makeup. You should really use the real shironuri make-up and also the wax and powder, I will be obtaining some of this for the Shironuri shoot we have up-coming, but for now I settled for simple white stage make-up. As you can see it became really dry and patchy, I didn't have the right kind of brush for this either, so some parts were un-even.


Step 3
I started defining the eyes with eye-liner. I used liquid for this in a sort of royal blue colour, but I'm sure any dark colour will do depending on the look, I tried making the eyes look big and theatrical. with the eye-liner I made a floral pattern, similar to the one Minori had for one of her outfits.

Step 4
With the lips, you can either put a really nude colour, keep them completely white or use a bold colour to contrast with the white, I chose a really bright bubblegum pink. I made sure to remove all the white makeup from my lips first!


Step 5
My hair colour did not suit shironuri at all so I decided to throw on a wig. I picked Babooshka from Geisha Wigs as the grey looked almost natural, and the kind of dusty shade that Minori wore in her Mori themed outfits, you can find it here: http://geishawigs.bigcartel.com/product/babooshka-grey-curls-long-gothic-lolita-cosplay-wig. I added more white makeup at this point as it was starting to dry out and become patchy.

Step 6.
I decided I need more eye liner to make the eyes look bigger and some kind of hair accessory. I used simple floral cat ears that I thought matched the lip-stick and flower theme.

Step 7. Editing! Okok, if this were a shoot, there would be editing, but for now a simple Instagram filter will do to diffuse the patchiness.

As you can see the makeup is still patchy in places, but once I get the actual Shironuri makeup and decent brushes, I will try my second attempt. I hope more people try this style and if you do, show me pictures  ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

Someday I hope to reach the level of perfection that Minori does:

Also there's an excellent blog post here on the influences of Shironuri:

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Styling job with Little Hill People!


My first styling job!
My friend Sayuri actually cancelled at the last minute and she suggested that I do it instead. this is ahead of the Japanese events I will be styling so I was really nervous and felt like I didn't have enough experience. However when I got there and saw how lovely the owner of the brand was and how friendly the models were, I loosened up a lot and became very confident at styling all the models.
The brand is called "Little Hill People" and sells gorgeous hand bags and jewellery, they are fair trade and all their products are designed and made in Northern India. Being up close to the products I could see how extremely well designed they were and how a lot of love and effort went into each piece.
There were whole sacks full of hand bags and purses, I didn't count exactly but there must have been about 60+ different styles, all with various bright patterns and designs, which I first thought would be a nightmare to style, but soon found outfits to compliment the bags perfectly.


There was both a studio shoot and location shoot, which meant a lot of rushing around to get everything sorted! The themes were patterns on patterns and a very hippy or boho look, I incorperated a lot of braids into the models hair and used ethnic jewellery such as head necklaces. Various coloured feathers were clipped into the models hair which accenuated the vibrancy of the products. For the location shoot I had to bundle all the bags into a huge duffle bag and run around like a headless chicken giving the right model the right bag, it was extremely exhausting but at the same time a very fun and exciting experience! The pictures will be featured on the brands site, ASOS and also Elle Magazine! How exciting!  (*^▽^*)

To put the icing on the cake, my boyfriend and I were each given a bag each for styling and helping out in general, Look how gorgeous and well-made they are!