Thursday, 25 July 2013

Photos back from Shironuri shoot with MyM magazine!

After getting the photos back from this shoot, I can't even describe how happy I am with them!
This shironuri shoot I had envisioned to be very "A midsummers Nights Dream" with lots of emerald greenery, fairy dust and flowers. I think we achieved that!

We shot in Epping Forrest, which was about half an hour from London Liverpool street on the train, the journey paid off as there were so many perfect places to shoot; old mossy logs, ancient bowing trees and even thickets full of bunny rabbits!

I was modelling with the gorgeous Grace St. John and also Mary-ann. The photographer we shot with was Saoirse Clohessy, who always produces stunning results. In some of the shots, Grace threw some dried petals in the air, I think this effect came out really well and really accentuated the spring-time feel of the shoot.

Co-ord run down:

Dress: Yumetenbo
Peignoir: Vintage
Wig: Lioness
Headband: Hysteria Machine
Jacket: Bodyline.

Candy Geisha sponsored Model!

I have been extremely lucky in being picked to be a sponsored model for the wonderful Candy Geisha, who specialize in gorgeous and cute accessories, inspired by Harajuku trends and well..The 80's haha, both of those things are very dear to my heart!

You can find their eclectic creations here:
The first set I got to model is called "Rococo Kitty" and is a gorgeous acrylic cut bow with a "Hello kitty" cameo embedded inside. With it is a shiny pearl-style bracelet, matching cameo ring and earrings.

The set not only goes extremely well with Sweet Lolita, but also made me feel like a princess!
All the items felt extremely well made and came in a gorgeous pearly pink that matched so much of my wardrobe (I'm a pinkophile T__T).

I got to shoot the jewellery in a secret garden where I live known as "Churchill gardens" where gorgeous trees, ferns and ponds are in abundance. Wandering around the gardens in Lolita makes me feel like I have been transported back in time a century or so!
My co-rd was Baby, the Stars Shine bright brand dress: Chocolate Fairytale Fascinate. With a white headbow of the same brand, and also parasol. The blouse is off-brand from Taobao.

I also received a couple more pieces from them since this particular shoot, I will post them below~

Please tell me what  you think ^__^

Star Sailor shoot and Japanese Fashion Exhibition!

Recently I attended the Japanese Fashion exhibition of POSE studio in Leigh-on-Sea. I was lucky enough to be able to model and style in a lot of the shots at the exhibition, so it meant a lot to be able to go and see them and of course, see members of the public seeing these images and hearing their opinions.
The exhibition displayed Lolita, fairy-kei, shironuri, gyaru and butler styles among others. It was a ridiculously hot day and the studio got sweltering, so we had to pop out and get Ice Cream soda floats ^__^

Here's a sample of what the exhibition had to offer:

You can see me looking ultra-moody in Gothic Lolita, my favourite shots from this selection where the shironuri ones, they look so ghostly and ethereal.

After me and Pixie_Late wandered around the exhibition and ate a ton of Ice Cream, we decided to have a photoshoot as, lucky for us, the exhibition was in the quaint little seaside town of Leigh-on-Sea and there was plenty of great places to shoot!

 The theme was "Star Sailor" wearing matching Galaxy Seifuku outfits from Taobao and boater hats, we managed to find these abandoned rowing boats in the mud to pose in. There was mud and old boats for as far as the eye could see, it was like a seaside apolocalypse!

The accessories I wore were from Candy Geisha, who are one of my wonderful sponsors and the set is Rococo Kitty. The wig I wore is called "Pink Frosting" and is from Geisha Wigs. I think the pink hair with the galaxy seifuku gave the set a "magical girl" vibe. As I had finally finished watching Mahou Shojou Madoka Magica, and I wanted to do something different.

Apart from the blazing hot sun, it was a great shoot, working with another lovely model and in such a perfect location. It's a shame we had such little time, as there were so many more amazing places to shoot, I would recommend anyone to go there, even just to visit!