Thursday, 25 December 2014

Tokyo Decadence Christmas party!

Of course I would want to spend my Christmas party surrounded by the people I love in a Gothic and fetish venue~

We had a mini-meet up before hand, had hair set and purikura and then headed to Tokyo Decadence for a night of christmas debauchery <3

Mix Speakers inc were playing that night which made me really want to go, I loved them ever since one of them cosplayed as a castle for one of their PVs. A CASTLE.

It was also the first time I met Alice, she is so kind, genki and princess-like!

I also found out that Kali is some kind of makeup wizard as she was showing me her Visual Kei cosplays.

And I got to spend some quality time with my best friend,

Everyone looked pretty flamboyant, which was excellent, I also learnt that I can't drink wine but I can consume ungodly amounts of tequila~

I cosplayed a christmas angel, which meant I was smacking everyone in the face with my wings all night, knocking everything off tables and generally just being a big winged nuisance X3

Leo was a christmas demon I guess haha But our outfits matched and he looked incredibly handsome!

I also learnt how much humans actually need two eyes, after repeatedly falling over, punching people by accident and drinking the wrong drinks、because of this eyepatch.

After a few rounds of purikura we headed to the venue where we drunk too much, danced around like loons and engaged in some gimp whipping. It was a pretty top night. I wish I could report more on Decadence but I somehow got too drunk and had to leave early >ー<

NHK TV show

As you know sometimes I am on Japanese television doing stupid and embarrassing things. This time was no exception as I did a TV show called Prekisu Eigo, which is a television show educating children in English.

This particular episode aptly named "I am bored" is about teaching children emotive words, so for this the location was at a theme park!

It was by coincidence that my good friend Brett was also doing it, so it ended up being super fun. As well as pay, we got free tickets to Yomiuri land and had as much free food as we wanted!

We were featured on roller-coasters ferris wheels and haunted houses, the whole time we simply had to say how we felt, such as " I am excited" or "I feel refreshed". The park was pretty much empty so we got to ride a lot of things, my favorite attraction was the Go-Karts, they were so dinky and you could go up little bridges and through tunnels.

This show was for kids on a pretty sober channel so of course I couldn't have big hair and Gyaru make, but I actually had a lot of fun and would definately do it again!

Photoshoot for JEE and shoot with Rocci!

I was super lucky that my friend Yue is releasing her own brand and she wanted me to model for her. Her brand designs are like nothing I have ever seen, they are uber edgy, street and even futuristic, but also really cute too.

You can view her shop here;
All credit goes to Yue Kihara.
Photographer: Rocci photographer
Rocci's intagram: rocci_photographer

The theme of the shoot was death. I had to look as though I had my throat cut and had wrote the brand name in my blood; another model had to look like she had fallen down the stairs and the final model was being choked, I had never done this kind of edgy shoot before so it was extremely challenging and exciting.

The location was in Omotesando, in one of the little stylish sidestreets. We did our makeup ourselves beforehand and then Yue added jewels to our faces.

The shoot itself was really fun and energetic, I got to meet a lot of cute models. I mean, isn't Emu beautiful?! I think modeling with cute girls gives me a lot more confidence.

Also one of the models is frequently featured in Kera. She was so petite and cute, I was happy that in this shoot there were different kinds of models in different sizes and races.

Yue is also so beautiful herself, as well as being a talented designer. I feel so lucky having such talented and beautiful friends!

After this shoot had finished, the photographer Rocci invited me for another shoot.

It was in the same location in Omotesando on a chilly day, so I  wore a Liz lisa lilac fur set with a Liz Lisa coat. The shots came out very natural and mode. I think Rocci's camera is magic!

His instagram he posts fashion snaps every day, you should check them out and maybe even ask to be featured in one~

Gyaru meet ups with Sui!

The lovely Sui came over from Germany so it was such a great opportunity to have some Gyaru meets and go drinking~
I got to meet a lot more international Gyarus over those few days too!

Of course the first thing we did was get hair set and then head to the Purikura place in Shinjuku, but that's pretty standard now. I went full hime-gyaru and everyone had a princess look about them, I felt so fantastic walking around Tokyo accompanied by such beautiful princesses >-<

Sui was only here for a couple of weeks but I would like to think that in that time we became great friends, not only is she stylish and beautiful but she also has a really kind hard and is HILARIOUS.  The conversations we all had that night should NEVER be repeated >-<
That night we were also lucky enough to be invited by one of our friends to eat free pancakes at her students Hawaiian restaurant, I don't think the day could have been more perfect than that!

I wore an Angelic Pretty floral JSK with the necklace that Leo bought me from Puroland, you can still kind of see the purple in my extensions in selfie photos but extension colours don't seem to come out at all in Purikura.

Also it was the first time me and Senpai had ever done Purikura alone together! I couldn't believe it, we were friends for about a year already.

Of course everyone looked stunning and rocked their own individual styles!

The next meet was a little bit sad because we were sort of saying goodbye to Sui.

She wore Kokokim and Swankiss and I wore a lilac Liz Lisa set.

That day we got to meet a lot of other beautiful GALs who were on holiday from their countries too and all headed to the Izakaya for nomihoudai.

All I remember about this moment was Sui getting excited to use her new selfie stick >-<

Finally our last Purikura before she went home. The sad thing about living here is that you have to say goodbye to people a lot, but you also make some amazing and unforgettable memories too!

Also my god I was drunk here D;


I was really shocked to find out that my boyfriend lived next door to Puroland. It's somewhere I had always wanted to visit, being a massive Sanrio fan. "OMG WE CAN VISIT MY MELO EVERY DAY" "No".

The outside of the building is pretty impressive. It beats the Disneyland castle I think,, with a giant glowing rainbow and cascading golden towers.

It was kind of a weird atmosphere because obviously there were a lot of small children there, but also a lot of couples on dates and Middle Schoolers, it seemed like something that everyone could enjoy.

When we arrived we were already pretty hungry, of course I wanted to eat only super sugary kawaii things. Most of the food came in children's portions, which was fine by me >=<
I chose a fuchsia pink My Melody bento box because you could keep the bento box afterwards, It was a bento so it was cold, but it was actually really delicious and had a lot of interesting flavors. Trying to stab that little tomato with that tiny little spork was a disaster waiting to happen though.

The desserts were cute too, I got some kind of white chocolate and strawberry mousse because again, I could keep the My Meody cup.

Inside the park itself there were many cute rides, they are all pretty slow because they are actually aimed at small childen, but they were all enjoyable even for people not interested in Sanrio.

The main part on the inside is a giant tree with glittering lights. You can go inside the tree and walk through the staircase to the top where there is a big bell that you ring to activate a "Happy spell". I guess it worked because I felt pretty happy after that~

My favourite thing inside the tree is a "matching" game. You need two people to stand infront of the screen and each put your hand on a mirror, then you have to hold hands, The screen gives youa percentage on how much you match. It doesn't work unless you hold hands, which is really cute! We got 90%, I was like "THAT WILL DO ;D"

I couldn't take many photos on the inside because it was kind of dark so the lighting was bad, it reminded me of the little enchanted forests in the Legend of Zelda!

Finally there were many little shows and performances going on, I think they are seasonal but the one that we watched was based on Alice in Wonderland and was actually really interesting. They had English subtitles on the side screen which helped a lot too.

And finally Purikura!

I wore Angelic Pretty because I seldom get to wear Lolita these days. I think it matched with the atmosphere well and I saw a few other Lolitas there!
We left with a ton of Sanrio goods too, I think it was worth it just to get the goods they sell there >=< I totally recommend going if you are any kind of fan of Sanrio characters!

Saturday, 15 November 2014


The world decided that Tokyo held the best Halloween party.

The streets were littered with people in ridiculous outfits; drinking, playing, making friends. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!

I got to attend two events for Halloween; first was Tokyo Decadence; the Gothic and Fetish club event I attend every month, and then casually drinking with friends on the streets on the 31st

My outfit for Decadence was inspired by a sexy "Akuma" or Japanese devil. I bought the Kimono and corset from the famous fancy dress shop in Harajuku, the horns are from Donkihote and the rest is offbrand. As a group, we all went to a local hair salon in Shinjuku to get our hair set. Usually I opt for something curly and cute but on this day I wanted a dead straight pony-tail that was teased to the front.

We then proceeded to do Purikura, before having nomihoudai at an Izakaya and heading towards Decadence. The queue was so long because at Halloween time, they open a lot of additional rooms at Decadence and turn it into a Haunted house! Before entering the main club you have to weave through monsters, mud monsters and clowns with chainsaws.

 Inside Decadence I met my favourite gimp! He enjoyed tasting my boots and katana for awhile~

We drank and danced all night, there were various shows such as men electricuting their genitalia, bondage shows and various bands performing.

There was also an after party at DecabarZ in Kabukicho from 5am with tabehoudai curry! Walking home at 7am I did give some businessmen a fright in my full makeup and outfit!

Halloween part 2

My band of nutcases and I headed to Shibuya for a night of drinking and debauchery as usual, I got to meet the gorgeous Sui and her friends for the first time!

For this night I bought a cheap witch cosplay from Donkihote, the hair make really covered it though!

Sui, Ruru and Sari are all so cute! Meeting Sui for the first time was kind of intimidating, only speaking online and seeing her flawless pictures on Instagram, but actually she was amazingly down to earth and bubbly and kind!

Leo cosplayed as Gintoki from Gintama, he looked sooo awesome, especially with make-up, it was yabai haha>

Of course we had a huge izakaya gathering and nomihoudai, but it was so busy so it took so long for us to get any drinks, so of course we didn't end up getting drunk xD

Meeting Sui for the first time was awesome, she was such a cuuuute unicorn, there was even blood on the horn!

Modeling for my Senpai

Everyone needs a Senpai. I met Shiena almost exactly a year ago and I was really surprised. I was fresh off the boat in Japan and was a Lolita and knew nothing about Gyaru. I was living in Saitama at the time so busy Tokyo life and simple things like taking the train were still mystifying for me. So seeing someone who had lived in Japan for a while, mastered the language and who still remained flawless was a big inspiration. People who are deeply in-bedded in fashion groups and looked up to by fans are often intimidating but Shiena is super kind and gentle, 

This post is not about our meeting or friendship, but I thought I would lay down some background story first. She attends a fashion school and often has to style varies shoots which will be graded, this time she chose me to model for her Marc by Marc Jacob shoot.
Her styling is always on-point and creative so I was super excited to collaborate with her.

She combined Marc by Marc Jacob with Ghost of Harlem, tons of accessories for almost a formal gothic look. She also did the hair and makeup, as you can tell it's gyaru inspired!The look was very stylish, but also very sexy. We didn't have long to shoot but I feel like we totally nailed it, down to senpai's styling and direction!

The final result was better than I had imagined! I was so happy to finally do an "edgy" shoot instead of just a cute or commercial one, and Senpai got a good grade!~

Let's collaborate again someday!