Sunday, 9 February 2014

Blizzard clubbing!

In case you haven't seen the news; a snow storm has hit Japan and 7 people have been recorded dead, as well as over 1000 injured. Me and Emi decided to go clubbing on this fateful night.

Many trains were cancelled, and most of the Taxi's were busy, but somehow I made it to my house from Saitama without delay. On the way back I passed the temple by house, which ended up being one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. It was completely silent apart from the pitter patter of the snow and a solitary crow nestling in a tree causing a mini-avalanche. I can't believe that something so tranquil can be found in the heart of the city, this is why Tokyo is my favourite city in the world.

The snow continued the whole day so it became pretty deep:

Apparently it's the most snow that Japan has had for 78 years, so I feel pretty lucky to have been able to witness it. Even if it took us an extra twenty minutes to get anywhere.

Me and Emi dressed fairly casual in comparison to our usual fashion, the bad weather made us lazy:

We trudged through the snow to take the train to Shibuya and it was FREEZING, our feet got completely soaked and the wind was so strong that it broke Emi's umbrella and made me drop my Chu-hi. Shibuya was fairly deserted considering that it was a Saturday night, but the atmosphere was so charming; everyone was skating around on the ice and playfully throwing snowballs at each other, even if they were complete strangers. Look how empty Scramble crossing was! you can just make out how icy the roads were, it looks so dangerous...

We didn't forget to greet Hachi, although the poor thing looked a little cold:

From there we met our friends and went to our favourite drinking place in Shibuya; It's an izakaya in Centergai that is opposite the Sega Center and does two hour nomihoudai for only 800 yen! The food is really good too and most dishes are 270yen. Emi ate only pizza >-<

Then we headed to Club Camelot, our favourite club. We visit there so frequently that we have become friends for the staff so often we can get in for free. As usual we met a lot of great new people, drank tequila sunrise and danced on the podiums all night. It was well worth the treacherous hike in the snow to get there!

We rolled out of the club at 5am but because of the snow, our train was severely delayed and all the taxi's were busy, so we ended up spending an hour in Mc Donald's and not getting home until past 7am! So as you can imagine we slept most of Sunday...

On the way back to Saitama, I found someone on the train who looked more exhausted than I though.

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  1. I wish it was snowing here!! would be so much better then rain and 70 mph winds :D be safe! xx