Tuesday, 26 March 2013

8th Sin Creations!

I can proudly announce that I am a sponsored model for 8th Sin Creations!
They make gorgeous accessories, phone cases and even clothes! I was first drawn to them when I saw they sold hime-gyaru acessories, as they are near impossible to get in the UK. They also do custom orders so a lot of their items are bespoke.

Check them out here: http://www.8thsincreations.co.uk/

Aren't the Agejo Hime corsages gorgeous? They're somewhat like Pink Hime but much, much cheaper XD I think that these could also be used for other styles such as Sweet Lolita or Cult Party Kei.
As well as just hair accessories 8th Sin makes beautifully deco'd phone cases and also Fairy-kei style shorts and skirts! I can't wait to see what they will make in the future and I definately can't wait to start modelling their products, especially with so many Catwalk shows coming up soon!

These remind me of Kyary! (๑・ω-)~♥”

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu article published in MyM Magazine!

...And I was lucky enough to get a double spread! (Well...Sort of >__<)

If you read my earlier post you'll see I attended the fantastic Kyary Pamyu Pamyu gig and I was lucky enough to be able to write an article about it for Japanese media magazine MyM. Well, it's finally out!  \(T∇T)/
I managed to message Kyary's PR staff and get the official photos taken from the concert which I think brightened up the article a lot, as it's a lot better to see KPP's kaleidoscopic costumes than just merely reading about them. A couple of photographs of the Frills and Frolics meet were also posted, with us triumphantly waving out banner too!
In my opinion I think our outfits definately rivaled Kyary's, we were like a sea of pastel bobbing up and down at the concert venue, which was great to see and i'm sure Kyary also enjoyed too.

So make sure you pick up this months issue of MyM and read all about KPP and Pamyurin!

(Photo by the official photographers)

Shiro Lolita Photoshoot!

I just got some wonderful images back from POSE studio, who were holding a special "Shoot Off" event, this event meant that if you paid £5 you would have a spot to be photographed at the studio. One of my very best friends Sayuri Standing photographs there, so I made sure to have her shoot me at the studio as she's photographed me before and she always makes sure that the lighting and editing are perfect. POSE are generally a great studio, all the photographers are friendly and not creepy, plus a lot of effort goes into editing.
The outfit I decided for the shoot was in Shiro Lolita style, my dress was a Cat Window print from Putamayo (one of my favourite Japanese brands), with simple white tights and my Vivienne WestwoodxMelissa winged sandals. The headbow is from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, as was the parasol, and I also wore a chocomint two way fluffy star clip and an adorable pastel bear clip from Now, Voyager.
The shoot was very fun and relaxed, as I am used to working with Sayuri and I think she knows how to photograph me, I joked with her that the way she took photographs of my face you can barely tell I have bunny teeth  O(≧∇≦)O
It's a shame as i've since sold that dress so this images made me feel really nostalgic!



Saturday, 23 March 2013

Hime-Gyaru Photoshoot published in MyM!

Issue 11 of MyM is finally here! If you read my earlier blog post you'll see I had the opportunity to do a hime-gyaru themed shoot with Pixie_Late in Trafalgar square for MyM magazine with Saoirse Clohessy. The magazine itself covers all form of Japanese media, such as anime, games and fashion, it's a magazine I really enjoy reading so as you can imagine I was super happy to be able to have my photoshoot published in it.

My first outfit was a Liz Lisa dress with a TaoBao blouse and headbow from Angelic Pretty. I actually wore Khaleesi from Geisha wigs and styled it into a hime style so it was really high and fluffy at the back. Pixie_Late was kind enough to lend me the shoes from La Parfait, as mine didn't come in time for the shoot. London is such a beautiful and dramatic backdrop for a shoot, eventhough Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden were both bustling with tourists eager to know what kind of photoshoot we were doing.

 My second outfit was a long pink Maxi dress from DreamV with a BTSSB headbow. I love this dresss so much, the colours really compliment eachother and it's super soft. Pixie brought her cute Rilakkuma Polaroid camera so we were photographed getting a couple of snaps.

I even deco'd my nails for the shoot, eventhough they were exremely cheap floral ones I think they worked well with the outfit.I found it impossible to do ANYTHING with them though, such as eat, put on eye lashes or use my phone, so I think I need to get a lot more practice with them XD

The final print came out really well, the pictures were well laid out and the article is very informative thanks to Saoirse. I'm glad Japanese fashion is being shown a lot more in the media.  (^▽^)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A small outfit post for today, I guess this would be under the category of Pastel Goth!
Candyfloss wig by Geisha wigs, black blouse and a black skirt from H&M, chocomint 2-eay star clip and black diamante ears from Miss Selfridge. It was my first time wearing black lipstick but I can't say if I feel it matches my skin tone yet *___*

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Hime-Gyaru shoot for MyM magazine!

Me and Tania had a GAL fashion shoot, I properly wore Hime-Gyaru for the first time and she wore a slightly more toned down version, agejo gyaru.

It was my first time wearing lenses so I was very nervous, I think it took me about an hour to get them in! There's different ways that work for different people, but for me just staring straight forward and pushing them in helped.
The lenses I bought were GEO Colour Nine Violet ANA-41
I think they looked really great, but I can post any pics from the shoot untill the 23rd of March when the magazine is out unfortunately.

The shoot was with Saoise Clohessy and we shot in Trafalgar square and Covent garden which were beautiful settings for sort of street snap look. The only problem was the strange foreign people who kept following us around and asking for pictures and getting a bit too close T__T

After the shoot we had delicious Korean BBQ in Covent garden and then headed to China Town for some bubble milk tea and a chat. I can't wait for the magazine to come out!  \(T∇T)/

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu gig!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, the colourfully obscure Japanese pop sensation came to London on the 14th of February. Naturally Frills and Frolics made a Japanese fashion meet to get ready for it and I was lucky enough to host it!  (☆^ー^☆) I even got the opportunity to write an article about the concert for MyM magazine!
We met at Picadilly station at 11am and spent the next couple of hours or so just wandering around Soho, eating sushi, drinking bubble milk tea and being a general colourful nuisance. We had delicious dim sum at China town's Golden Pavillion and checked out the cute shops and their terrible Engrish.
We even managed to fit an incredible 14 people into a Purikura booth!! Maybe a UK record~

The main point of the meet was the banner, lovingly decorated by Michelle with fluffy bon bons and lace, every Lolita at the meet signed it as a present from us to Miss Pamyu Pamyu.
As well as the banner, she also made amazingly cute KPP inspired Jewellery especially for the gig from her brand Roxie Sweetheart! I bought a ring with a little pastel Kyary face on that worked perfectly with my outfit.
 The outfit I wore that day was Baby, The Stars shine Bright Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale in pink, a gorgeous pussy-bowed Angelic Pretty blouse in pink and pink AP bow and also gold Tea parties!
The wig is Geisha wigs Maiden. I must admit is was very funny seeing us all travel on the tube, our vibrant oufits contrasted against the dull back drop so much~

Onwards after the meet, we went to the Islington 02 Academy to see Kyary and even got filmed by ZIP TV. The concert itself was amazing, the stage was polka dot and pastel and Kyary started her set with Pon Pon Pon, which the audience really responded to!
The high lights for me were Candy Candy and Cherry Bon Bon, there was even small documentaries about the rise of Kyary onscreen on the stage and a giant pink bunny mascot called Pamyurin!
The outfits were as expected wacky and colourful with plenty of well choreographed dancing.

If you want to know more about the concert, you'll have to read my article when it appears in MyM


Over all it was a great experience, I got to see one of my idols live and have a fun, colourful day with my friends.

Sponsored model for Geisha Wigs!

I'm now a sponsored model for Geisha Wigs. which means I get sent free wigs that need to be modelled as long as I promote their company. This is really great as i've always wanted to work with Geisha Wigs, their wigs are all good quality and inexpensive and they are UK based too!
My first wig is the blonde crinkled beauty Khaleesi:
It was gorgeous and soft to model, longer than I expected and very natural looking. I think it's based around Game of Thrones.
My first shoot for them was hime-gyaru inspired with my pink DreamV dress and floral hair band.
It was super cold that day, but luckily none of my goosebumps were visible on camera! We shot in a local park so the pinkness of the dress and the golden tones in the wig really stuck out!

I also shot with photographer Georgie Osborne with the same wig and my Angelic Pretty Honey Cake Co-ord. This was a full sea side inspired shoot.