Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu article published in MyM Magazine!

...And I was lucky enough to get a double spread! (Well...Sort of >__<)

If you read my earlier post you'll see I attended the fantastic Kyary Pamyu Pamyu gig and I was lucky enough to be able to write an article about it for Japanese media magazine MyM. Well, it's finally out!  \(T∇T)/
I managed to message Kyary's PR staff and get the official photos taken from the concert which I think brightened up the article a lot, as it's a lot better to see KPP's kaleidoscopic costumes than just merely reading about them. A couple of photographs of the Frills and Frolics meet were also posted, with us triumphantly waving out banner too!
In my opinion I think our outfits definately rivaled Kyary's, we were like a sea of pastel bobbing up and down at the concert venue, which was great to see and i'm sure Kyary also enjoyed too.

So make sure you pick up this months issue of MyM and read all about KPP and Pamyurin!

(Photo by the official photographers)

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