Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Styling job with Little Hill People!


My first styling job!
My friend Sayuri actually cancelled at the last minute and she suggested that I do it instead. this is ahead of the Japanese events I will be styling so I was really nervous and felt like I didn't have enough experience. However when I got there and saw how lovely the owner of the brand was and how friendly the models were, I loosened up a lot and became very confident at styling all the models.
The brand is called "Little Hill People" and sells gorgeous hand bags and jewellery, they are fair trade and all their products are designed and made in Northern India. Being up close to the products I could see how extremely well designed they were and how a lot of love and effort went into each piece.
There were whole sacks full of hand bags and purses, I didn't count exactly but there must have been about 60+ different styles, all with various bright patterns and designs, which I first thought would be a nightmare to style, but soon found outfits to compliment the bags perfectly.


There was both a studio shoot and location shoot, which meant a lot of rushing around to get everything sorted! The themes were patterns on patterns and a very hippy or boho look, I incorperated a lot of braids into the models hair and used ethnic jewellery such as head necklaces. Various coloured feathers were clipped into the models hair which accenuated the vibrancy of the products. For the location shoot I had to bundle all the bags into a huge duffle bag and run around like a headless chicken giving the right model the right bag, it was extremely exhausting but at the same time a very fun and exciting experience! The pictures will be featured on the brands site, ASOS and also Elle Magazine! How exciting!  (*^▽^*)

To put the icing on the cake, my boyfriend and I were each given a bag each for styling and helping out in general, Look how gorgeous and well-made they are!

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  1. It sounds like such an amazing experience sweetheart! <3 The bags are so cute as well haha I bet the boyf loved his pouch too?
    Well done!