Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sweet and Gothic Lolita Featured in My M Magazine.

Recently I was lucky enough to apply for a modelling shoot with photographer Saoirse Clohessy; I have actually been photographed by her at Hyper Japan last year for a tea party we had with Japanese Cello/Vocalist Kanon Wakeshima. I was in awe of her fantastic photography skills since then so I was esctatic to get a shoot with her. I decided to take on the role of Gothic Lolita for the shoot whilst my friend "Jessica Jelly" did the opposite - Sweet Lolita to show the contrast and variety in styles.
Jess took a cheeky snap of me being photographed. -

I wore two outfits, one being the one pictured above; Alice and the Pirates Vampire Forest in Navy and an oldschool BlackxWhite Baby the Stars Shine Bright JSK. Both worn with a "princess" style blouse from Tao Bao brand "Chess Story". During the shoot we were also interviewed to give tips to newbie Lolitas or anyone interested in the style, whilst also laying down a little background information about the fashion.
The pictures came out beautifully and really depicted the differences between the two styles, I actually think I look quite vampire-like and frightening in some of them! Whilst I was posing I tried to think about Mana and how he poses during photoshoots so I tried to become intentionally stiff and dead looking. The interview printed in the magazine was pretty accurate and informative, I only hope it helps to get people interested in the style to branch out and experiment!~

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