Saturday, 25 April 2015

Harajuku Fashion Walk in April and Kumi Miki Youtube Video!

The Harajuku fashion walk is gaining popularity in great speed, like a snowball. This particular time there were much more attendees, on a day where Harajuku was even more crowded than usual. It seems that Decora style is making a big come-back amongst the younger generation!
I'm so happy to see mis-matched printed clothes, kawaii-chara back-packs and a kaleidoscopic array of hair-clips bobbing around the walk.

Arent they adorable?!
The girl with the windmill is Hina, I met her at hanami a few weeks ago.

Again, there were people of all nationalities embracing the fashion. I even found another girl from England wearing classical Lolita! Everyone looked so cute and confident in their fashions!
My outfit for that day was a mix of sweet Lolita, Hime and Cult-party in a bizarre mash up, I usually based my outfit around my accessories, so I wanted to do a pink gradient strawberry theme.

Of course Gothic fashion was out in full-force that day too. Monotone fashion always looks striking, especially these seifuku clad shironuri students!

 Of course we ended up at Moshi Moshi box as usual, can you see Hina's Tinky Winky backpack? That was so nostalgic for me!

~ I couldn't take so many photos from the walk, however when professional ones get uploaded I will see if I can post them here~

Secondly, before the walk I got to be asked to be in Youtuber Kuma Miki's youtube video!

She's extremely cute and popular, so it was quite an honor. Recently she has been studying English online, so this was a kind of test run for her. She decided to theme her video as "What's in your bag?" and invited people to her Tea party.

Kensuke, the brand owner of Broken Doll asked me to join the Tea party, so I am always grateful to him for picking me!

Everyone who came were super nice and talented. Manon, the owner of Strawberry Skies was there and showed off her wonderful design pieces!

We filmed in Roppongi in a big tower for Youtubers who need an area to film, I've never been to somewhere like that before so it was a very interesting experience.

Aaaaaaand, the video is up here;

What an eventful day! I can't wait for the next fashion walk and I'm sure that I will get to play with Miki again <3 Thanks for reading!~

My Melody and My Sweet Piano Cafe in Shibuya!

Shibuya PARCO usually has a theme cafe running for a limited time, with a character theme and theme food and drinks. Usually it's stupidly busy and you have to spend hours getting inside, like the time it was running the Pokemon cafe (I posted about this previously).

The My Melody cafe was no exception, while it did take a long time to get inside, the cuteness was definitely worth it!

While waiting in-line you can decide what you want from hot food, desserts and drink. Here's a snippet so you can see how ridiculously kawaii everything was.

You then get to take a commemorative photo in a big My Melo and Sweet Piano cut-out. This time I brought an army of princesses with me, so it was kind of hard to fit us all in the frame.

You could pick accessories to wear for the photo, I picked some huge My Sweet Piano sheep afro with flowers, it was actually really comfortable and I was sad they made me take it off after >w<

On to the food!~

There was a My Melo chicken curry, and a Sweet Piano vegetable one, which were both a mysterious shade of pink, I chose the Sweet Piano one, but either option was pretty terrible. They were both cold with little flavor, but no-one really expected pink curry to be a delicacy.

This dessert was described as a "pizza" I'm not sure what kind of pizza they have in My Melo land, but this certainly wasn't a pizza. Sweet Piano's hair was made from candy floss and there was a lot of fruit, overall the desserts were better than the hot food.

I had a My Melody pink latte, it was pretty standard. Apart from the foamy part was made from some kind of custard so it was near impossible to put sugar in the latte part of my drink x3

This elderflower juice mix was actually pretty tasty and came with a little charm. Every purchase of food or drink comes with a coaster to keep as a memento and they all had really cute art on.

Of course everyone looked cute; most people opted for Liz Lisa, but I wore a black and pink Angelic Pretty outfit, Sylvia was kind enough to give us My Melo stickers for our faces. 

And lastly; Purikura! I met a few people for the first time that day; Sylvia, Caroline and Ashleigh. I really hope I can meet them again. I actually get really shy when I meet people for the first time, I usually talk a lot to give the impression that I'm not shy but...It's actually the opposite x3

Anyways, it was a wonderful day and I want to visit another theme cafe soon!

Hanami in Tokyo!~

I was lucky enough to have two fantastic Hanami parties; one with my friends and another with my amazing boyfriend. Let's start with friends~

The park was swarming with photographers and we even got recorded on the news!

A group of drunk guys threw their frisbee into our picnic at a poor attempt of flirting with us, but we soon made them leave >w<

The location was Yoyogi park, a popular spot for Hanami goers, so naturally the park was full of people having a picnic, playing frisbee and of course, drinkin' ;D

Kensuke invited us out with some Harajuku regulars such as Maro and Hina, they were all really good fun and ridiculously adorable The highlight was Hina and Maro dancing to the Yokai watch song~

Hina always has such a beautiful smile!

I wore Angelic Pretty in pink to try and match the beautiful flowers, but I was paling in comparison to the natural beauty that was falling around us. The Japanese say that things are at their most beautiful when they are about to die, which is why the falling sakura is so fleetingly beautiful. I think this is true, the sakura only lasts for a couple of weeks, but it's for that reason that it's so cherished and beautiful.

 After Hanami I took Purikura with Ebony and phoenix, they were both delciously cute and sakura-themed <3 

Hanami Part 2

This was when the Sakura was finally phasing out into death, so the petals were falling at an alarming rate, it was also raining that day. Leo took me to many places for Hanami, but the main event was at Shinjuku Gyoen Mae park.

I really love how the skyline of the city juxtaposed the traditionalness of the cherry blossom trees, I felt like I was in some kind of fantasy novel. That park has a Japanese garden, a French garden and even a British one! But it closed early at 5pm, so we didn't have time to view them all.

It's not just cherry blossoms that are beautiful, there were so many different kinds of beautiful, blooming flowers!

Again, I tried to dress for the occasion, wearing Angelic Pretty.

There were even beautiful sakura trees right on our doorstep, in Nakano!

After a long day of viewing flowers, of course we ended up taking Purikura.

The sakura has already died now, while it was short-lived, I managed to make lots of memories and I'm already excited to see them bloom again next year! I would love to see them in Kyoto!