Monday, 16 February 2015

Cute displays in Harajuku and Omotesando

I decided to meet my friend Nana in Harajuku and focus on things other than fashion for a change, as there are a lot of interesting shops and restaurants in that area. On weekends there are many fashion photographers circling the area like vultures and if you are in an interesting outfit you may be lucky enough to get papped by the press. Me and Nana both had our photos taken for a street fashion magazine called Gals Up!

I felt like a big pink marshmallow ;D

But enough about me; on to the cute stuff!

My first port of call was in Kiddie Land down the main stretch of Omotesando. The have a whole floor dedicated to Sanrio products and one of the cutest displays I have ever seen; Little twin stars riding on a unicorn above a giant twinkling cloud!

 Next up at Kiddie Land there was a giant Gudetama display. In case you aren't familiar with Gudetama, he is a very lazy and indifferent egg. I would describe him as "Kimokawaii" disgusting -cute. Something about the lack of emotion in his little yolky face makes my heart melt~
He is very popular in Japan right now with a popular array of gatcha, plushies and LINE stamps. There is also a cafe in Machida based around his character which I intend on visiting soon! >w<

Of course I have a real soft spot for My Melody, Melo is probably my favorite kawaii character. This display really did her justice and they sold the most adorable little tea cups! Something about her character design feels so fancy to me.

After that we found a shop dedicated to the LINE application. There you can buy goods based off the characters, such as plushies and cookies. They also had giant versions of the characters, which was pretty amazing. LINE is the instant messaging application of choice in Japan, it is necessary if you want to build connections or keep in touch with your Japanese friends as a lot of them don't use Facebook.

Then we finally found the "Oui, Ayano Ruban" boutique down one of the side streets of Harajuku, the clothes obviously have a very fancy, pink and French feel and at the moment there are some Sanrio collaborations. The store itself is gorgeous and I would suggest giving it a look just to see the decor,

And then finally we both took some Purikura to remember our little trip~

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Otaku Valentine's in Akihabara!

Valentine's day here in Japan is a little different from back home; the girls have to one-sidedly give chocolates to the boys, BUT on White Day the roles are reversed and boys give chocolate to girls. So hopefully if you give chocolate now, your senpai will return the favor later ;D
Also on Valentines and White day there is "giri-chocolate" where you are inclined to give chocolate to work friends, friends of the family or any particular connection to the opposite gender.
Last year I received a nice haul on White Day from my students and co--workers~

This time I thought I would try my hand at baking; I went for chocolate cup cakes with white chocolate chips. The original batch I added too much baking soda (I didn't read the recipe properly, like an idiot) and then they tasted like sand and I had to throw them away. I decided not to give up and made a second batch from flour, eggs, cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla essence, milk and white chocolate chips. My local supermarket had a large selection of affordable cake decorating items too! <3

After I baked them I tried to make a floral pattern with icing and a paintbrush and then wrote "Leo daisuki" however...The "ki" from Daisuki fell off, but the sentiment still stands >w<

He was super happy with them anyways and we decided to spend the day with our other love - Otaku culture in Akiba!

Every time I go to Akihabara I find something new, this time I found a shop that only sold knee-high socks and tights. They had such an amazing range and even sold some original designs, I bought some gothic ones and some for my stocking cosplay.

Also I noticed there are a lot of Dansou cafe's now, but that is more something to visit with my girl friends~

We went to buy some anime goods from shops such as Animate, when I noticed that there is a new game and possibly anime produced by Sanrio coming out called "Show by Rock", which centers around a battle of the bands and features some really cute and unique character designs, so I bought some goods from that.

For our date I decided to wear sweet and floral Lolita, with a lilac coordinate from Angelic Pretty with an Alice and the Pirates princess sleeved blouse and lilac shoes and accessories. It was absolutely freezing in Akihabara so I had to wear some pretty thick outerwear too.

These days I find that the cold is too much for me to spend more than a few hours outside in the cold, so we try and make that time count and stop for plenty of hot drinks.

Of course we took many obligatory couple photos~

This was our final haul of anime goods, as we recently turned in to massive Fate series fans!~

I am very lucky to have had such a perfectly wonderful valentines day date, I hope everyone had a lovely day surrounded by the ones they love and heaps of chocolate!

Drastically Dyed my hair! ad

At the moment I am on a semester break from work; being a teacher it means I have breaks when the children do, which means I get a lot of really long breaks. "Oh your job sounds great!" I hear you say, well...My job doesn't actually pay for those breaks so I have to take on more part time jobs during that time, but some teaching jobs do you pay you for long breaks, or at least half of your usual salary anyways. During these times I survive from teaching private students, Eikaiwa and modeling work. It's not bad just you need to have a good head for budgeting and scheduling.

So on to the hair~

Bright Light

My original hair color was very bright and bleached blonde, so I didn't need to lighten it at all; I chose Manic Panic's lilac dye, but the result didn't go to plan...
In bright light my hair looks electric blue and in other light mauve or violet. I was expecting something a little paler, but I do actually love the outcome. I guess the dye took to my hair very well, so  I would suggest testing the dye on your hair first >w<.

Natural light

Again for working, this color isn't really acceptable at my public school job and for some Eikaiwa stuff. However my old eikaiwa were perfectly fine about it, because my students were all veterans of mine and couldn't care less what color my hair was. So bright hair can definately be acceptable for some jobs. I just started working for a new company, so for that I am wearing a brown wig. 

No-one has seen through my majime disguise yet, hu hu hu~
I bought this wig for 800yen from ALTA in Shinjuku and it has served me well, if you want colorful hair then I would recommend just wearing a wig. 

I am hoping that my hair will fade in to a nice pastel lilac, however it seems to be going silver. I guess I will have to just wait and see what happens~

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Pom Pom Purin cafe in Harajuku!

PomPom Purin if one of Sanrio's lesser known characters, me and my friends argued at the table of the cafe over what he actually is supposed to be. I said he was a dog, but then someone swore he was a rabbit, upon googling this information we discovered he is actually a golden retriever, which is a DOG ;D (smug grin). He is actually a small yellow dog with a pudding on his head.

Thus Sanrio has opened a cafe in Harajuku celebrating him, this is not a guest cafe, it is an actual cafe that will stay in the same spot for a long time, so the quality of the food and decor was very high.

Everything in this cafe is light yellow and caramel brown to represent the...Puddingness?

What do you want to eat? ;3

Both the outside and inside of the cafe are eye-wateringly cute. I visited the cafe with Ruru, Leo and Will, but Will hates cute things and refused to partake in the kawaii spirit x3

Inside there is a giant Pompom Purin statue with some of his smaller friends, the walls are decorated with all kinds of kawaii stuffs, even the lampshades were PomPomPurin themed, I would definitely give the cafe an A for effort and attention to detail in decor.

 I ordered coconut chicken curry and caramel latte! The coconut curry was super thick, creamy, delicious and well presented. I love coconut ANYTHING, so this was perfect for me. The latte was delicious too, but it needed to be a little stronger as I couldn't really taste the coffee.

I just bought a My Melody maid theme cosplay from Akihabara. It was on sale for 1800, so I felt like it was my duty to buy it. My Melody is also a Sanrio character so I felt like this was a good excuse for me to wear it. I felt a little ridiculous, especially as it was so short, but actually I like this outfit a lot.

Ruru's style is always so unique, she was wearing kind of cyber/decora wearing pieces from the designer Takuya Angel, isn't her makeup amazing? <3

Leo had a good time because there was pasta, if there is pasta then Leo is happy x3

And finally...Purikura!

The Pompom Purin cafe was such high quality and there was such high attention to detail in every little thing, it is one of the few theme cafes that I definitely want to visit again.

Please go~

Mini report: Anime Street in Asagaya

I haven't indulged in Gothic Lolita in so long, but for me it feels like such a winter fashion, so I'm going to try and experiment with it a lot the start of 2015. The place we decided to visit was an Anime Street in Asagaya, so I thought Gothic Lolita would be a good choice as I can think of so many GL themed anime characters

The street itself is in Asagaya, not a very well known place but a place that has a few unique shops, it reminds me a lot of Koenji, but then it is pretty close to Koenji on the Chuo line.
The anime street itself was pretty awesome, it isn't that big and it seems as though it could use some funding, mainly because a lot of people don't know it even exists, but they had a couple of gems there.

For example there is a shop aimed specifically for Dansou fashion. Dansou fashion is kind of like girl's crossplay in to princely or host looking guys and is nearly always sexy. They sold suits and uniforms aimed at girls who like boys style fashion.

Inside they were selling Listen Flavor products. Listen Flavor sell mainly awesome printed T-shirts that work really well with Harajuku fashion and Decora. They are currently doing their collaboration with Danganronpa so we bought some T-shirts and badges so we could take pictures with the giant Monokuma!

They have two anime themed cafe's there that do collaborations with various anime, but we opted to try this small yakipan shop. Yakipan is just grilled or fried break with toppings, but they were so delicious and crispy!

We chose margarita and then blueberry and cream cheese flavours.

Of course they had cosplay shops too, this one is actually a studio for people who want to try cosplay just once or twice. I believe the outfit in the middle is Snow Miku!

Then of course....Purikura!

Harajuku Fashion Walk January 2015!~

(Taken from Japanese streets page, you can view all the photos they took from the walk here:

This was my first Harajuku Fashion walk, but I have heard a lot about it in the past as this one was actually the 29th walk that has been held in Harajuku.

If you want to meet the local Harajuku Fashionistas then this is probably the place to do it! although this particular walk attracts a lot of foreign fashion enthusiasts too, so actually there was a good mix of both!

The three "furries" stole the show in their bunny, fox and cat outfits with classical attire. I believe that the rabbit and cat were wearing Innocent World, but I can't speak for the fox~
 Not only were their outfits on point but their mannerisms were creepily cute too, they did little dances and ran around giggling in a line, it was quite terrifying ;D

I joined in on the silliness too.

I attended the event with Leo, it was hard to pick an outfit seeing as the different styles that are represented are so broad. I decided to go for a hime-lolita outfit from Angelic Pretty, the print has little Pegasuses on so I decided to wear wings to add a more angelic element. My tights were offbrand Harajuku and my bag was LizLisa. Leo wore kind of a punk x J-rock style.

I tried giving myself a hair set that day to save money instead of visiting a salon, I'm not quite sure of the result though!

The walk itself started at Harajuku Takeshita dori exit and wound all through the streets of Harajuku, past the giant Moshi Moshi Nippon clock, included a twenty minute break and then finished finally at the famous Harajuku bridge next to Meiji shrine.

It was my first time seeing this clock, it's designed by Sebastian Matsuda, the 6% Doki Doki creator, so of course it's bursting with kaleidoscopic kawaii magic!

Those animal head bags were as popular as ever on the streets of Harajuku too, I always wonder how much you can actually fit in there...

You can probably tell from this photo that it was bitterly cold that day, but I was so hyped up on everyone's fashion that I barely felt it. We only walked through the main part of Takeshita Dori a little, mostly we walked through the backstreets where we wouldn't get trampled on and lost.

A lot of my beautiful friends attended too, when I think of Decora or Harajuku style in general I always think of Phoenix (the girl with the split dyed hair) and Kali is perpetually rocking Gothic fashion. I feel always thankful to be surrounded by such creative and talented people.

As it was pretty cold we headed home pretty early, but this is one day I will never forget, and I look forward to the next one on 02/22/15!

(Photo taken from Japanese streets)