Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Senpai noticed me!

....Or actually kind of the other way around >-<

I was at club Camelot and I saw a guy that I thought was really cute, so I tried to "nampa" him in Japanese, but he didn't seem interested at all. I told him I worked at an Eikaiwa and he said that he needed an English teacher and would pay for private lessons. Our first lesson was at 10pm, which sounds kind of shady but that was what time he finished work and most of my lessons are in the evenings as I teach mostly businessmen.

Emi's uncle was in Japan so he insisted taking us drinking, I said I would only have a drink but we ended up doing Nomihoudai and going to a bar afterwards so....By 10pm it was safe to say that I was battered, I thought better of teaching this student but it was pretty early still and he was at the next station in Shinjuku.
When I arrived I apologized for drinking, so he said we could do the lesson at a cafe or something, but I said as a joke "Let's do nomihoudai!" and we ended up going to a fancy Izakaya and doing more all-you-can-drink. The lesson actually went really well, his English wasn't bad but it wasn't amazing either, we laughed a lot and he ordered me like a banquet of food so I was pretty happy. Before I left he asked me what kind of guy I liked and I said "I like gentlemen" and we left on that.
We spoke a lot over LINE to help with his English and then arranged another lesson date. That date I actually went to an Izakaya with Emi and did Nomihoudai again >-< the problem was, it was supposed to be a double date but....My date didn't show up! So it was just me at the Izakaya with Emi and her date. Needless to say, LINE messaged my student quickly and told him to join us, so at least if I was teaching him, I wouldn't be on my own.

When he arrived he immediately wrapped his scarf around me because it was cold and took my bag, he really hit it off with Emi and her date and it ended up being less off a lesson and...More of a double date. I asked him why he was learning English and he said "To win your heart!" which I thought was incredibly cute and cheesy! and he arranged to take me on a proper date.

For that date he rented a car and took me to Kanagawa, he bought me delicious Yakiniku and took me to a mountain where there is live music playing and a giant radio tower. From the tower you could see the ocean and the city below, it was so beautiful!

Then after that date, he would keep asking me to meet him after work to go to an Izakaya or sushi restaurant and we would eat lots of food. I got to try so many delicious things like Sushi Zanmai and horse sashimi!

We even got to go on more double dates with Emi and Tei!

He is trying really hard to fit the "gentleman" image that I said I like..It's the first time in Japan that I have been so serious about someone so...We will see how it goes!


Daichan wrote me a lovely letter in Japanese asking me to be his girlfriend. After lots of sitting in front of a dictionary translating it, I cheated and asked my work friend for the specifics. The notable points were "between us there are many cultural differences, but I believe we can break that wall together" and "I will protect you" which I thought was really sweet.

After numerous dates and horsing around, he is taking me to Disney Land for my birthday, so I couldn't be happier! I have always been such a softie when it comes to love...I guess that's what happens when you grow up with Disney films!

Shinjuku Girl's parties!

There has been a lot of people saying that Gyaru fashion is dying lately, with the trends becoming softer and magazines such as Ageha and Egg closing down. That hasn't stopped us from embracing and  experimenting in the fashion though! I actually only started getting in to Gyaru fashion when I arrived in Japan and started hanging out with Emi, so I am sad that I missed such a great era for the fashion and caught it in its final stages.
Nonetheless, I have a great group of friends who love the fashion and whom I meet with in Shinjuku!

 Moving to a foreign country can feel lonely at times, but it can also make you make good friends quickly, I feel so thankful moving here because I have met some truly awesome people.

New Job at Eikaiwa!

I haven't posted for awhile so I haven't mentioned that I got a new job after finishing my contract at the Middle School in Saitama.

It was kind of an interesting story; I was heading to Club Camelot in Shibuya and I somehow got lost. I bumped in to two Japanese serious-looking salary men and asked them in Japanese if they could show me where the club was, but then they replied in English!

So we talked for awhile and they said they were impressed by my Japanese and they owned a language school and offered me an interview. That's how I got the job!

The first thing I noticed was that the office was in the heart of Roppongi, right next to the station, the classrooms were super stylish and actually the two guys that ran the school wern't so serious at all >-<

So this seemed like the perfect place for me. Basically it's an Eikaiwa and I teach students one-on-one. My students are mostly businessmen, but I actually teach a famous comedian too and two really adorable kids. The company is new so there aren't that many students, but it is a fun job and everyone works really hard and all my work friends are kind. We get to do stuff like this:

Right now my hours aren't really full time so I'm looking for another part-time job to cover me, but I really enjoy working here!

Alce in Wonderland Cafe in Shibuya!

Finding the Alice in Wonderland cafe in Shibuya is like falling down the rabbit hole a little bit; it was so hard to find!
There are more branches, I believe one of them is in Ginza, but the Shibuya one is rumored to be the best so we decided to go there.

Inside the interior is gorgeous! The chairs are built around a giant carousel and there is gorgeous Alice in Wonderland art everywhere. The music is all classic Disney songs played on repeat, so it was fun guessing them all because they used more obscure ones like "Chim Chim Chimney" from 'Mary Poppins'.

The food was really delicious and although a little expensive, it was more reasonable than I expected for a themed cafe in the heart of Shibuya. To start I had mixed seafood spaghetti; the sauce was actually pink!

And then for dessert I chose the aptly named "Queen of Hearts" brownie. Everything was delicious and well presented. You could get all-you-can-drink from the juice bar and that included many different kinds of tea!

I was pleasantly surprised with the whole cafe, I definitely want to visit there again, my only complaint would be that the waitresses who were dressed like Alice had very cheap costumes. They looked like something you would buy from Donquixote or something, it just didn't match the elegant interior unfortunately....

Afterwards of course me and Sapphira did Purikura! We both dressed in Elegant/Gothic Lolita and our navy-blue outfits matched well.

I was wearing the jellyfish print dress from Krad Lanrete and a laced bunny headdress.