Sunday, 12 May 2013

Behind the Scenes at the Shoot at POSE for Geisha wigs!

Again I had to model some wigs for Geisha wigs, the one pictured above is a gorgeous grey/silver wig caled Babooshka. For this particular wig I decided to go for a Gothic Lolita co-ord, I am wearing Baby the Stars Shine Bright "Stained Glass Window" Jumper Skirt and also some off-brand accessories and a princess-sleeved blouse from Tao-Bao.

I also styled Paige Martin in a typical sickly-sweet Harajuku co-ord - a cup-cake printed dress, bright metallic bows and ribbons in her hair. This was very much Kyary-Pamyu Pamyu influenced, however I added a lot of metallic silver for a touch of futuristic dolly. All the makeup for the shoot was by the amazing Emily Golding and the Photographed by Stephanie-Ann Thornton.

Over-all the shoot went very well with lots of different looks, tons of pastel, gems and glitter. My friend Phoenix Okazaki also joined us to shoot her look of Fairy-Kei, I have been a fan of Fairy-kei for a long time but seeing it up close was very exciting; so many clips, gems and stickers! Phoenix herself co-ordinated her outfit so well, all the pastel colours accentuated each other perfectly, especially with all the various pattened hair clips and alpaca stickers, I can't think of a more dramatically cute style.

I also modelled the Sugar Cookie wig by Geisha wigs, this wig is dark brown with a pink underlay, I actually borrowed some of Phoenix's clips to give it a more decora-esque look and the MUA stuck some sparkly gems to my  face to make me look more exciting >__<

After the studio shoot we escaped to the local fields and frolicked amongst the blossoms and uhh stinging nettles (Yeah I got hurt a lot) >__<
The MUA made a video showing her artistry, I also showed how I quickly put on my wig using tights as my wig cap and I slid down a banister slowly and painfully~ I can't wait to see the final pictures!

Wigs by Geisha Wigs
Photographer: Stephanie Thornton
MUA: Emily Golding
Stylist: Me and Lewis Golland
Model: Me, Paige Martin and Phoenix Okazaki

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  1. Really beautiful wigs and I really loved the creativity. You must have had so much fun during the photoshoot. Keep posting. Love ya :)