Saturday, 15 November 2014


The world decided that Tokyo held the best Halloween party.

The streets were littered with people in ridiculous outfits; drinking, playing, making friends. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!

I got to attend two events for Halloween; first was Tokyo Decadence; the Gothic and Fetish club event I attend every month, and then casually drinking with friends on the streets on the 31st

My outfit for Decadence was inspired by a sexy "Akuma" or Japanese devil. I bought the Kimono and corset from the famous fancy dress shop in Harajuku, the horns are from Donkihote and the rest is offbrand. As a group, we all went to a local hair salon in Shinjuku to get our hair set. Usually I opt for something curly and cute but on this day I wanted a dead straight pony-tail that was teased to the front.

We then proceeded to do Purikura, before having nomihoudai at an Izakaya and heading towards Decadence. The queue was so long because at Halloween time, they open a lot of additional rooms at Decadence and turn it into a Haunted house! Before entering the main club you have to weave through monsters, mud monsters and clowns with chainsaws.

 Inside Decadence I met my favourite gimp! He enjoyed tasting my boots and katana for awhile~

We drank and danced all night, there were various shows such as men electricuting their genitalia, bondage shows and various bands performing.

There was also an after party at DecabarZ in Kabukicho from 5am with tabehoudai curry! Walking home at 7am I did give some businessmen a fright in my full makeup and outfit!

Halloween part 2

My band of nutcases and I headed to Shibuya for a night of drinking and debauchery as usual, I got to meet the gorgeous Sui and her friends for the first time!

For this night I bought a cheap witch cosplay from Donkihote, the hair make really covered it though!

Sui, Ruru and Sari are all so cute! Meeting Sui for the first time was kind of intimidating, only speaking online and seeing her flawless pictures on Instagram, but actually she was amazingly down to earth and bubbly and kind!

Leo cosplayed as Gintoki from Gintama, he looked sooo awesome, especially with make-up, it was yabai haha>

Of course we had a huge izakaya gathering and nomihoudai, but it was so busy so it took so long for us to get any drinks, so of course we didn't end up getting drunk xD

Meeting Sui for the first time was awesome, she was such a cuuuute unicorn, there was even blood on the horn!

Modeling for my Senpai

Everyone needs a Senpai. I met Shiena almost exactly a year ago and I was really surprised. I was fresh off the boat in Japan and was a Lolita and knew nothing about Gyaru. I was living in Saitama at the time so busy Tokyo life and simple things like taking the train were still mystifying for me. So seeing someone who had lived in Japan for a while, mastered the language and who still remained flawless was a big inspiration. People who are deeply in-bedded in fashion groups and looked up to by fans are often intimidating but Shiena is super kind and gentle, 

This post is not about our meeting or friendship, but I thought I would lay down some background story first. She attends a fashion school and often has to style varies shoots which will be graded, this time she chose me to model for her Marc by Marc Jacob shoot.
Her styling is always on-point and creative so I was super excited to collaborate with her.

She combined Marc by Marc Jacob with Ghost of Harlem, tons of accessories for almost a formal gothic look. She also did the hair and makeup, as you can tell it's gyaru inspired!The look was very stylish, but also very sexy. We didn't have long to shoot but I feel like we totally nailed it, down to senpai's styling and direction!

The final result was better than I had imagined! I was so happy to finally do an "edgy" shoot instead of just a cute or commercial one, and Senpai got a good grade!~

Let's collaborate again someday!

X Japan concert and meet!

Following my last post about modeling agencies, one of my agencies ( I can't say which! D;) gave me and my friend who is part of the same agency, free tickets to the X Japan concert in Yokohama arena!!!

The tickets sold out within seconds so this was an amazing opportunity, I actually saw them when they performed in London for their world tour, that show had so much energy and charisma so I was extremely excited to see them perform again.

My outfit for that day was gothic/punk with big back-combed hair, which was an ode to that old Visual Kei style that I miss and love.
Upon reaching the arena, we were given our tickets and were greeted by a fleet of Hide cosplayers. I couldn't believe how accurate and intricate their cosplays were!

It is evident that the spirit and essence of Hide still lives on in the hearts of his fans! I actually prefer older bands such as X, L'arc en Ciel, Luna Sea and Buck Tick to the newer style of visual kei, which seems to more about being an ikemen and winning fans rather than making epic music.

We sat with the other models in the "guest" area which was center middle, it was such a perfect seat, directly in front of the band!

My favorite part of the show, as in London, was Sugizo and Yoshiki's classical duet. They both started out as classical musicians before moving into rock, which is why their music is so varied and vibrant <3

Of course, the high light would be Kurenai, when the beat picked up silver sparkling confetti exploded into the audience and the crowd went wild. Of course Japanese concerts are still very orderly, though.

At the end, the manager of the model agency came up to us models (about 10 in total) and said there was a chance we could meet X. Of course my heart was nearly leaping out of my chest, X Japan have been idols of mine for a long time and Yoshiki is of course a musical genius.

We waited around for about 40 minutes where we first met Sugizo, who was so down to earth and chatting about the clothes he was wearing during the show, but had changed to a T-shirt and flip flops. Toshi zoomed past with his bodyguards so we were unable to see him, but soon we were beckoned in to a party room with press and Yoshiki! Some other famous people were there but the only person I recognized was Shinya from Dir en Gray.

We had some wine and chatted in the room before being able to speak with Yoshiki (between his interviews) and have our pictures with him. I was able to tell him how electric his London show was, so I was happy.

All in all it was one of the best experiences of my life, he was so kind and gentle in person dispite being visibly exhausted.


Signing with agencies.

Here is a little bit about modeling in Japan~

You can email agencies yourself and arrange a date to sign with them, you usually send them your measurements and a few photos, this isn't so strict and more often than not they will ask you to come to the office and sign. There you have to be measured, have additional photos taken, hear about the system and then sign a contract.

The system is as follows:

The agency will email you about a job.
This email will contain information about the job, the dates for audition (if there is one) and payment. You will then check your schedule and reply with availability.

1st keep
This means you can definitely attend all audition and shooting dates.

2nd keep
I am not too sure if I can attend all

I do not want to attend or I am not available at that time.

Not all jobs are photo shoots, there is a lot of TV and variety stuff and occasionally voice acting.

After that you will wait for an email saying if you got the job or cleared to the audition.
The company will send your profile to the client and the client will decide if they want you or not.

Important information~

Depending on the agency you will be paid 1-3 months later, so be careful.
If you say 1st keep you MUST ATTEND or you could be faces with a fine and end up on the blacklist.

Most of the work is commercial so commercial no-makeup photos are best.

Payment can range from 5,000 to 200,000 depending on job. Remember you will probably have to cover your food and travel for this too.

Part 2

In this case I was scouted by the owner of the company, but NEVER trust scouters, always get a business card, confirm the company or find someone who can vouch for them, it's rare but it can be dangerous to follow scouters blindly. In this case I asked for the business card and I actually knew of this company.

I went to their office in Shibuya, filled out paper work and then came back the next day for a photo shoot.

All the agencies are different, Zeus deals a little bit too much in "adult" modeling for my liking, but they have found me legit fashion jobs. It is important to be clear with your levels.

I would recommend Acqua or Lazaris, they offer me jobs most frequently <3

Feel free to ask me any questions here!

The best present!

This is a small appreciation post for my Eikaiwa student, Takako.
If you have read my blog before you will know that I often teach a Japanese woman who is a master at Japanese tea ceremony and a lover of traditional culture such as yukata.

Matsuri season was in full swing so one lesson, as a surprise, she brought me one of her yukata as a present!
This was a very rare and special yukata, made from special cloth and a very rare design - red and blue English roses!
Takako also loves English culture and English flowers~

It so happens that my work friend Masato is in a yukata circle, so for her next lesson we both wore yukata and I taught a special yukata themed lesson.

She had to demonstrate how to put on a male yukata in English to me and see if I could follow her instructions if they were clear enough, Masato was kind enough to be our model~

It turns out that male obis, although they look simpler are a lot more complicated to tie!

The first date with Leo

This feels weird talking about because we have already been dating 3(?) months, but I haven't had time to blog since. After the colossal failure of my last relationship ( I will probably blog about it at a later date if anyone is interested), I was a little hesitant to date anyone.

I met Leo through Instagram who was Japanese but was doing a homestay in America, he was interested in fashion so we we able to talk a lot through LINE, he was enjoying the English practice I guess and I was enjoying speaking to a guy who had similar interests that wasn't a massive cock womble. I was super busy at that time so we couldn't talk so much but, when he arrived back in Japan we agreed to meet because he hadn't got to do many fun things since being back and I wanted him to show me around Nakano. I thought he was attractive but at the time my head was full of work so I didn't even consider dating him, but I had a free day so we decided to meet at Nakano broadway.

When I first saw him I had a sort of "Yabaiiiiiii" feeling, meeting him properly in person was a lot different to speaking on LINE, I was super nervous, but he showed me many new things in Nakano!

Nakano was literally one station from my house and I had never been there before, it made me realize how compact and wondrous Tokyo is, I am still discovering little gems on my doorstop.

At first it wasn't really a date but, it just so happened that date fell upon my "Japanniversary"of one year in Japan, so he bought me dinner and the most ridiculous ice cream I have ever seen.

Nakano itself is famous for rare Otaku finds, for example there are lots of shops that sell toys from the Showa era, of course there are Gundams, manga books and other such things, but Nakano is a more niche, cheaper and less touristy version of Akihabara. 

The aforementioned ice cream is a famous point of Nakano broadway, I believe my flavours were melon, green tea, caramel, sweet potato and bubblegum maybe? This was only a stack of four, but you can buy a stack of eight one. I forgot to mention that we met on one of the most humid days of Japanese summer, so of course eating this ice cream turned in to a huge creamy catastrophe and melted all over me, the floor, my clothes and his clothes. I remember thinking "Christ, he's never going to want to see me again, I can't even eat an ice cream without causing chaos"

That day we got to do a lot of things, we explored Nakano broadway, played darts and had a delicious Italian dinner. We spoke a lot about our difference in accents and language, during his homestay he gained a strong Californian accent, while mine ranges from Essex to London, with hints of American drummed in from a year of teaching American English at public school. D:
To this day he still doesn't understand some things I say, like aubergine, trackies, arse. X3

I was shocked that after our first meeting he actually asked me out on a proper date, not scared away by my British eccentricity huhuhu~

This time we played in Harajuku and did some shopping, tried some new food and played darts in Shinjuku~ Then that evening he asked me to be his girlfriend, it was pretty out of blue but I thought "eh, I like this one ;D"

Since that time he has helped me so much and been there for me, more than he needed to and more than I had expected, so I am both super grateful and happy he's by my side!

Friday, 14 November 2014

SUPER NEWS - Fuji TV show

Long time no see~

I will have stable internet soon to update everyone on my batshit life, so until then here are a few posts about what I have done since!

Jordan and I were accosted by a Japanese filming crew from Fuji TV when we were having a casual game of Taiko no Tatsujin in Shinjuku. Everyone knows that Japanese TV crews are like vultures and tend to not take no for an answer, on this occasion we had some time to kill so we joined them. They were filming for a spot on SUPER NEWS about Gaijin indulging in Japanese Game center culture.
I actually don't see how any of what was broadcasted could be classified as "news" but the whole thing was pretty fun.

I had to dash about the game center in Kabukicho and give my recommendations of what I like to do there, feebly try to win a plushie alpaca and then do some some purikura, They wanted me to "teach" foreigners about something in the game center, I am sure that most foreigners living in Japan are well versed in game centers, so I showed them the cosplay booth in the Purikura section.

There you can select a cosplay from the wide selection for free or 100 yen. Some of the bigger game centers do this, in Shibuya you have to also provide ID which is a bit annoying. Their selection includes Disney, Shingeki no Kyoujin, maid, Sailor Moon and Ouran High Host Club cosplays. There is even stuff like wigs and hats but, they are all used so usually they are kind of dirty.

I chose an "Alice in Wonderland cosplay" but Jordan decided he didn't want to cosplay.

"He's going to wear the Pikachu hat"
"No I'm not, I'm not wearing th-"

~10 minutes later we had super kawaii desu purikura stickers and footage for the show.

My only regret was that the way the footage was shot it looked like me and Jordan were a couple, eventhough we clearly stated that we were not, nor have ever been a couple xD

That kind of thing can't be avoided when it comes to journalists though. I do a lot of TV work these days so I know what to expect, but if it's your first time and a TV crew approach you be very careful when thinking about what kind of image they could portray you as.

They called me an Otaku on the show, which was fine, but a lot of people don't want that kind of image. Also~ it could have been dangerous as Jordan is my work colleague in middle school, but luckily neither of us got in trouble and it was all good fun!