Friday, 17 November 2017

Hedgehog collaboration goods at ACDC rag!

As many of you know, I have a one year old pet hedgehog called Bottchan. Hedgehogs are a pretty popular pet in Tokyo, particularly after hedgehog cafes started opening in the city center. They're small, nocturnal and they don't make a lot of noise or have a strong scent which makes them the perfect pet for city dwellers. Of course their most redeeming feature is their grumpy cuteness, especially when curled up in a ball with their belly fluff on show, thus the hedgehog brand of kawaii has caught the eye of a few Harajuku designers. Hedgehog-kei could really be the next big thing!

One in particular is my friend; a designer at the popular Pop and Gothic Japanese fashion  brand ACDCrag. ACDCrag is very special to me because since I first ever visited Japan six years ago, ACDCrag has constantly dominated Takeshita dori, in an environment that is constantly changing and evolving, they have been a constant feature of the scenery. When my friend expressed interest in having my hedgehog Bottchan model for the new collection I was elated, but also curious to see how he would handle a photo studio environment as he is notoriously grumpy.

I bundled him up in his carry case with plenty of food and water and began the short train ride to Harajuku with him resting on my lap, only to find he really enjoyed riding the train! perhaps the rhythmic swaying of the carriage, or the gentle humming of the wheels relaxed him, but the whole trip he was an extremely contented hog. The studio however, was a whole different story. The bright lights, fresh news smells and playthings exhilarated him, which meant I spent the whole shoot chasing him around, trying to get him to remain still for photographing. At one point he even ran up the photographers trouser leg!

After the utter chaos that was the photo shoot I wasn't sure if we took even one photo that could be used for the designs, as most of the pictures were lighting-fast salt and pepper smudges or blurry from Bottchan smearing his wet nose all over the camera lens. However I was pleasantly surprised when my friend mailed me the results, he somehow made my grapefuit-sized bundle of attitude and wrath into a Harajuku style icon!

The set comprises of pants, T-shirt and seifuku-style jacket and comes in dreamy lavender with pastel gradient accents and little pink lightening bolts, the design itself is so soft and perfect!
Many of Bottchan’s pictures adorn the pants with him running, posing and curled up in a neat little ball, I couldn't believe the photographer was able to take that many quality photographs!
The T-shirt is my favorite as it has a ridiculously oversized picture of Bottchan complete with wet nose and whiskers covering the front, the whole set making me one incredibly proud Mama.

You can pick up the entire set at any of the ACDCrag stores in Tokyo, or from their online store that ships overseas ;
I really adore my set, mostly because they are so comfortable and airy. Expect many pastel hedgehog coordinates from me in the coming months!

Lastly, they will be selling at Comic Con in LA! If you are attending please give them a visit and stock up on some hedgie themed goods, I look forward to seeing all your hedgehog-kei outfits!

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