Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Magikarp shaped sweets!

Taiyaki is considered of one of the more tradional types of Japanese sweets - a sweet, fish shaped pancake usually filled with red bean jam. Usually sold as street food, tasty and inexpensive, tayaki has always been a favorite, especially amongst children and has led to an array of different fillings such as green tea, custard, chocolate and even savory options such as tuna mayonnaise.
Kurikoan is one of the most famous chain stores, selling the sweet delicacy and have shops all around Tokyo, recently releasing their latest concoction - Magikarp taiyaki.

For those of you not familiar with Pokemon; Magikarp is possibly the weakest of them all. Small, weak and unable to attack with its most popular move "splash" never achieving anything, Magikarp has always been a favorite.  Especially as in later levels it evolves into one of the strongest Pokemon on the series, Magikarp is a true underdog tale, and who doesn't love that? It made sense that sooner or later Magikarp would be reimaged into this sweet snack, so I took a trip down to Akihabara to try this snack for myself.
Kurikoan is on the main strip of Akihabara and is almost unmissable if you follow the sweet scent of pancake batter, the store itself sells many variety of taiyaki including the most popular - vanilla custard and the slightly weird egg and bacon. Magikarp unfortunately only came in two varieties; red bean with cream cheese and green tea. I went with the red bean and I was not disappointed. You even got to see the staff make the taiyaki fresh from scratch!

The puffy pancake comes still warm with its own Pokemon themed packaging and filled to the brim with sweet paste, not too sweet and with a hint of salt it was the perfect snack to munch on while we strolled around Akihabara. If you are travelling to Japan then of course you will want to head to the nerdy Mecca that is "Akiba" and if you do, make sure to grab a Magikarp taiyaki on the way!

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