Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Patty and Jimmy Sanrio cafe!

If you ever wondered how Japanese people imagine America, the Patty and Jimmy Sanrio cafe in Harajuku is a pretty good representation. Patty and Jimmy are two blonde-haired American children who live in Kansas next door to each other, they love sports and hate studying, this is the basis for their character design. When I first saw the cafe I assumed they were new Sanrio characters, I then found out they debuted in 1974! As there are now hundreds of Sanrio characters I see how they could have gone unnoticed, however their wholesome all-American style is a little different to other Sanrio characters and is somewhat reminiscent of Snoopy. 
This cafe is in the middle of Takeshita dori, next door to my favorite Sanrio character cafe - the Pom Pom Purin cafe, however this kitsch little cafe also had its charm points.

The decor is painfully cute, designed to look like an American diner and the color scheme being stars and stripes, the designers did a good job turning the American theme into a Japanese style of cute. My favorite point of the cafe was the little red mail box next to the door, which you could actually open.

The food itself was mostly different kinds of Omurice - a fluffy omelet wrapped around flavored rice and covered with sauce. For some reason Japanese people seem to think this is a western dish, but I have only ever seen it in Japan. I chose the big set with the "American sports" theme. My Omurice was in the shape of an American football, complete with mashed potato baseball and a tiny corn baseball bat with onion rings for extra Americaness. You got to choose a sauce for the Omurice, I chose mentaiko cream - pink creamed fish eggs. Despite it being almost completely carbs, it was delicious, if not a little heavy.

My favorite part of this cafe is definitely the milkshakes, huge, thick and served in a giant glass boot with plenty of chocolate sauce, I'm not sure exactly the symbolic purpose of the boot but this was the best shake I have ever had in Japan. The meal was about 2000yen altogether, which is slightly cheap for a character theme cafe. It was also completely empty, which is pretty rare in Takeshita dori of Harajuku, so if you need a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of Harajuku, I totally recommend coming here and getting a giant shake!

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