Thursday, 2 February 2017

Angelic Pretty - Brilliant Night Tea party

Angelic Pretty are arguably the biggest name in Lolita, they hold tea parties all around the world but the one they hold once a year in Tokyo is by far, the most important.
The Tokyo party is the night the spring collection of dresses are debuted, so of course every Lolita wants to be the first to witness the new designs herself.
Of course in addition there are special guests, prizes and a sumptuous meal and of course an excuse to go all-out with your outfit and possibly be snapped by the Gothic Lolita Bible magazine or Kera.

As I missed the tea party last year I knew I had to to attend the Brilliant Night party no matter what, even though one ticket amounted to 20,000 yen - about 140 pounds! I was unsure how awesome a party would have to be to warrant a ticket of that price, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised.

Firstly everyone entered the venue - a gorgeous hotel in Shinagawa and everyone is given a place at their table with maybe 8 big, round tables in total. The decor was all silver comprising of princess pink and royal blue with beautiful flower arrangements and balloons; a long bubblegum pink catwalk centered the venue. We were given a chance to chat before being placed at our seats where we had a goodie-bag, menu and raffle ticket, the first thing I noticed was there was a lot of cutlery. This seemed like some prerequisite quest to be fancy enough to eat, luckily I passed, but others did not fare so well! 

As the show started there was a projected light show and musical "performance" I am not sure exactly who the singer was, possibly an idol but she had a very interesting and dolphin-like voice. It actually broke the ice a little as my friend and I were slightly nervous sitting on a huge table with Lolita we had never met before with little time to get acquainted.

After that they slowly began bringing out food in small courses, it was amusing watching the other girls try to figure out in which order to use the cutlery and what exactly to do with the big mound of bread they kept giving us.

As expected, the food was fantastic and beautifully crafted down to the last detail. The soup looked small and uninteresting but actually had a very unique flavor, everything used a mix of fresh vegetables and herbs and although the dinner was french themed, it had a Japanese touch, using subtle, fishy flavors like dashi.

My favorite was definitely the Angus steak with sweet potato mash, the dishes were small enough to cleanse our pallet but delicious enough to keep us wanting more. Oh and the mash tasted like it was crafted by the gods. I heard people talking about that mash for days afterwards.

 The climax was of course the special "Princess" dessert; although it was incredible aesthetically pleasing my friend and I were trying to figure out exactly what it was, a mousse? a jelly? an ice cream?  the pink lump at the back contained various fruits, ice cream and also...Coconut flakes? which was a very bold choice, the rest was a mix of fruits and chocolate. Not my favorite dessert but they certainly get points for creativity.

Then of course - the fashion!

There were two dress shows - The first was a collection of dresses made specifically for the show and thus extremely extravagant; one looked like a Primadonna ballet dress, whilst another had a full outer dress cage made of feathers. Everyone's favorite had to be the model with a French cafe themed dress and a literal baguette on her head. We later found out that baguette was real and used only for the show! I wonder if she ate it afterwards...

The second show featured the dresses from the upcoming spring collection, highlights being "British Crown" a dress adorned with, well, British crowns, a gorgeous cat printed dress and the much awaited collaboration with Imai Kira - a print with various elegant beds. Again, photography of the show was prohibited but I did see a few girls taking some sneaky shots.

As for the party-goers most of the outfits were winter themed, as the idea of the party was a princess winter ball. However there were girls with ships in their hair, crowns made of feathers, capes and  dresses that actually lit up. I wore a snow globe themed outfit, complete with a snow globe affixed to the top, yet even I felt a little under dressed. The lighting in the venue was very blueish so unfortunately it was hard to snap high quality photos. There were also a few magazines circulating to take pictures of a lucky few! There were different "best dressed" awards, mostly for girls who came in "twin" looks, wearing the same dresses.

I snapped a picture of the girl who I thought had the most creative outfit, she wore the Angelic Pretty magical girl themed dress and accessorized it with a huge moon staff and Sailor Moon-esque hair and accessories. There were a couple of dresses that you could order only at the Tea party, although none of them caught my eye. The last part of the party was a raffle, now I understood why the ticket price was so high! Many girls won full sets of Lolita, after that you could win a dress, skirt, socks or accessories - I was lucky enough to win a gorgeous chocolate printed skirt!

Then finally  everyone returned home to open their goodie bag and I don't think anyone was disappointed - everyone received a gorgeous cherry printed tea set complete with golden spoon!
That was a perfect ending to an incredible night, now pictures of the dresses featured in the Brilliant Night dress show are being released on social media and in magazines, please take a look at the new collection and let me know what you think!

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