Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Something for the girls! Honey Mi Honey Cafe

Another day, another cute cafe springs up in Tokyo! This time in Harajuku, a stonesthrow from Takeshitadori lies a very pink cafe. Probably the pinkest I have encountered in Harajuku, a place renowned for cutesy things. I read about this cafe in the last issue of Larme magazine in an article about new "cute spots" in Tokyo. Larme magazine is my favorite magazine at the moment, reporting about "Larme-kei" a new soft and sweet fashion sweeping the streets of Japan. The Honey Mi Honey Cafe not only fits with the vintage-pop aesthetic of Larme but is foremost a shop that sells Larme clothes, so you can shop while you dine!

The decor is "Pink Motel" theme and I commend the cafe for all the little details they added to make you feel like you're relaxing in a sugary, sleezy, vintage motel. There were bubble gum-pink neon signs galore and the furniture was pink from the tables to the floor. Probably due to the popularity of the magazine there was a line and we had to wait about 15 minutes to be seated, but this was on Sunday - the day Harajuku is at its busiest so I imagine if you go on a weekday you should get seated immediately.

The menu was huge! Maybe three whole pages with extensive drinks and desserts, I ended up settling for the lunch special - a tuna toast melt with soup and salad, a maple latte and a "lovers heart" cheesecake dessert. I will definitely go back to try their french toast and ice cream. A nice touch was the number they give you to collect your food was in the shape of a pink hotel key and the points card they made for me was equally as pink! The serviettes were also pink and the cutlery was gold, again, the small details were seriously impressive.

The food was delicious and it was one of the best cups of coffee I have had in Tokyo yet and even the cup was cute!  The meal itself was about 1,500yen which I think was a nice price for such a lovely experience and quality food. The Tuna melt was pretty hench and I didn't feel hungry until dinner which is pretty rare for me.

Of course I dressed for the occasion, I picked out my outfit inspired by Larme magazine with pink accented clothes from OneSpo, WeGo and a pink and white souvenir jacket from Romantic Standard.
If I eat cute food then I need to be equally as cute!

The final charm point of the cafe is an adorable table built from a cup and saucer ride and of course - painted all pink! The staff were really friendly and are on hand to snap pictures for you. Then once you have finished your meal you can start shopping. The store is a little pricy, but the clothes are high quality and the accessories are particularly gorgeous.

This cafe isn't a pop-up cafe and will be running for a long time, so if you are a lover of all things pink or just love the vintage motel aesthetic, mark it in your itinerary!

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