Saturday, 27 August 2016

Custom Latte art cafe in Tokyo.

If you want to find cool latte art, Tokyo is the place to be. Usually at theme cafes they have their own themed Latte, for example the pop-up cafe in Shibuya Parco usually has a Sanrio theme so you can expect to pick up a My Melody or Cinnamon Roll themed Latte easily. There are also Cafes in Shin Okubo which take mild requests such as "a 3D dog" or "a 3D cat" and give you frothy, lumpy works of art. However, the coolest place I have been recently is called "Reissue" in Harajuku Takeshita-dori.

This cafe allows you to request anything.

You can literally ask for anything, if you have a picture on hand for reference and they will make it for you.

I decided to test them by ordering a 3D latte art of my pet hedgehog and I was not disappointed! I imagine it is popular with people who want to turn their pets into delicious, delicious art. I felt bad about drinking my own hedgehog though.

The artist makes all the art by hand, the cafe is relitively small but comfortable in the second part of Takeshita dori on the second floor. It is a little hard to find so I suggest using google maps!

I found the artist really excelled at making manga or cartoon themed designs - my friend ordered an umbreon themed coffee and it came out flawless.

All the coffees are 600yen, but if you want art that is an extra 400yen. It seems pricey but I think it is definitely worth it to get exactly what you want, you can add flavored syrups to your coffee if you so wish. My hedgehog was vanilla!

This cafe also has English staff so please drop in for a visit if you feel yourself thirsty in Harajuku.

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