Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Sushi cat Gachapon Charms!

If you ever head to Tokyo, it is likely you will come across one of these capsule lucky dip machines. "Gachapon" or "Gacha" for short is a charming little machine full of colorful little plastic capsules with toys inside. The selections are seasonal and there are various kinds from anime character charms, phone straps, jewellery and pin badges. The price differs from 100yen up to 400yen depending on how juicy the prize is, you insert the coins and turn the knob and you get a random capsule, there is also a delightful jiggling noise as the capsule tumbles down the tunnel.
These machines are often found outside of super markets, in restaurants and sometimes you can find shops that only contain gatcha machines!
I found one such shop in PARCO department store in Kichijoji, immediately I found a prize that I had never seen before.

The machine on the right actually sells little bandanas for your cat! I don't own a cat myself but I can only imagine the bloody battle that would ensue if I tried putting a bandana on one, so I settled for the prize on the left - a sushi cat phone strap. These little straps are incredibly intricate and well-made, with a little chain to attach to your bag or mobile phone, they look so whimsical, I needed one. The designs are various cats on a bed of rice, in a kind of nigiri sushi design. I wanted the fluffy white cat with the pink school bag, but usually my luck is really bad for these things....

I had one try at 400yen and ended up with the black and white, serious salary-man looking cat with a tie. As my self control is pretty much zero, I had another go and lo and behold, I got the pink school bag cat! After fighting with the capsule to actually get them out of the capsules, I attached one to my phone and another to my handbag.

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