Sunday, 7 February 2016

Shinjuku Econeco display in Isetan

Shinjuku is home to many luxurious department stores, none more extravagant than Isetan. Isetan has many branches, but the largest of which within Shinjuku is a great place just to go and window shop and marvel at all the luxury goods. In Isetan, while there are a lot of overseas brands selling their wares, there is also a big focus on Japanese designers. From time to time you can encounter a decadent display like this one, advertising for the cometics brand "Econeco". Econeco sells many fragrant things; from bath bombs to face powders and candles. The charm point of this brand is the gorgeous, pastel illustration that adorn the packaging. The art is really spectacular up close - pastel zoo animals, sumptuous sweets and magical make-believe circus worlds.

If you have fallen in love with the sweet, quirky designs as I have you can find them online at
The illustrator also has an instagram; econeco_cosme_tokyo

They are currently doing a collaboration with Sanrio brand "Little Twin Stars" and it is as enchanting as you would imagine. You can find pockets of Econeco being sold in other parts of department stores around Japan, so keep your eyes peeled!

Closely related, another Department store in Shinjuku that always features adorable art is Marui Annex. Sometimes one of my favorite artists, Imai Kira has in Marui, but unfortunately I was a little late. However, I did manage to pick up some star-themed post cards of her illusrations in a small postcard shop inside. Imai sometimes sells her art in the Design Festa event bi-annually, she also does collaborations with Lolita brand Angelic Pretty. Aren't they lovely?

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