Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Persona 3 Cafe in Shinjuku!

If you havent played a game from the Persona series, you should. The series comes under a bracket of games called "Shin Megami Tensei" or MegaTen for short and is translated to "True Goddess Reincarnation", if that doesn't sound badass I don't know what does. The series premise revolves around juggling a high school life similar to those dodgy J-dating sims, and then fighting monsters in a separate dimension, however the two worlds intertwine. All the games from this series are super long, with lots of re-playability and killer storyline.

The most recent in the series is 4, but 3 is also considered a cult game and although th original release was on Playstation 2, a movie about the Persona 3 story is just being aired in the cinema in Japan. The movie is how you would imagine a J-RPG to transcend into a movie; a very dark storyline, major plot twists, cute girls and adorable mascot characters. If you cant wait for the movie, there is already an anime surrounding the Persona 4 game, which is similar in design, story and vibe. There is also musical for Persona 3, which just just ended here so I can only assume a DVD will be released soon, so I anticipate an English subbed version will be in the making!

The cafe itself is just a pop-up and is found in Kabukicho, a dirtier part of Shinjuku in a little underground bar/cafe/restaurant. The inside is very dark with an almost disco feel and accentuating lights, it actually reminds me of "Club Escapade" in Persona 3, whether that was intentional or not I do not know.

Like any other pop-up theme cafe there were plenty of posters, card-board cut outs and a television showing clips from the movie. The music from the soundtrack played on a loop, which I love because all the MegaTen games have fantastic music.

I took a photo with the main Protagonist of Persona 3, who actually is one of my all-time favorite game-characters, despite the fact he doesn't actually say much in the game...

Next, the food!
The menu itself was a lot more extensive than I was expecting. I didn't order a drink but they were all very impressive. I wanted the blue drink with a gun-shaped ice cube, but I saw someone else order it and it came in a huge pitcher! They had food and drinks related to every character, they all appeared to be well-crafted.

  I ordered a kind of pafait based around another cherished character of mine, Chidori. Chidori is a side-character in the game who actually wears Lolita, her story is very sad and charming and her design is as beautiful as the dessert! The dessert was a bed of natural yoghourt and cornflakes (why do Japanese cafes put conflakes in everything?!), topped with raspberry sorbet, a metal sword and a tiny, real, red rose. I managed not to impale myself in the face with the sword, which was actually really heavy and enjoy the dessert, which is maybe healthy? I'm not sure.

My friend ordered some kind of suspicious looking green cake covered in cream and holographic plastic. He said it was OK, he didn't say anything else, so I wont recommend this!

It was altogether a fun experience, the music and feel of the cafe was very nostalgic as I really loved the series. With your meal you got a free coaster to take home with you, the only thing I would like to improve about the cafe is that they should sell goods, usually you can buy pens, or clear files or something. Other than that I had a great time and I am looking forward to watching the movie, play and playing the upcoming Persona 5 on PS4!


  1. Wow the cake looks so strange but exciting. I want to try it :)

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  2. OMG P3 CAFE!!!!!! The place looks really pretty and the sword on the parfait is also nice haha too bad it isn't edible hahaha!

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