Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Go from Peasant to Princess at Princess House in Kashiwa

Ever feel like dressing up in extravagant Victorian clothing, patterned Kimono and pastel wigs, but don't want to suffer the expense and mess? Princess House is for you!

Princess House is open until April and is a neat little pop-up shop where, for a small fee, you can try on any of their supply of beautiful clothes, wigs and accessories and take photos. There are also various accessory brands selling there, including my friends brand "PinkHime" to help you on your way from peasant to Princess. 
Princess House is essentially a pop-up shop in a department store called 1010 VAT in Kashiwa, Chiba. About thirty or forty minutes from central Tokyo and very easy to get to.

PinkHime is an accessory brand by Princesses for Princesses - everything is decadently decorated with  pink sparkles, gems, pearls, toys, lace and roses.  You can read my post about Pink Hime here; http://capsulebunny.blogspot.jp/2015/12/pink-hime-spotlight.html.
PinkHime has been around since 2003 and I have been a big fan from the start; she ships internationally, but everything she posts on her store sells almost immediately so you have to act quickly. At Princess House you could purchase a few of her sold-out accessories and one-off pieces which was great, me and my friends bought these magical girl inspired necklaces and bracelets and received free candy too! Everything within the store smelt sweet and was sparkling, it was like stepping into a fairytale.

The brand owner of Pink Hime "Tomo-san" often frequents Princess House and even has a table within the store where you can try decorating accessories too! There were boxes upon boxes of accessories, bows and nick-nacks with a hot glue gun to attach them. There were two cute little seven year old girls in the store who were also having fun decorating!

These are some examples of the things that were decorated on that day, hot pink adorable little hand-mirrors!

As you can see Tomo-san is a great lover of pink and even has a lavish decorated buggy for her toy poodle!

The owner of the store is a beautiful model by the name of Tiara-chan, she will be on-hand to assist you in picking out your outfit, tying your corset or obi, and even helping to make your makeup more princess-like.
On that day I took two friends with me, who wanted to give "Princess" or "Hime" style a try. Firstly, I did their make-up to give them that sparkly Princess edge. At the moment face sparkles and gems are very popular in Japanese street fashion, you can pick them up from stores like WeGo in big packets for as little as 300yen and they come in a whole spectrum of colors, shapes and gradients. Then I used big "Diamond Lash" brand eyelashes, channeling early 2000 Hime Gyaru eyes, that you can buy from any drug store, to make their eyes really "pop". Finally Etude House brand pink blusher, really gave their cheeks a rosy warm glow, paired with Etude house Rose lipstick. Etude House is actually a Korean brand, but they have many stores in Tokyo and their products are all very affordable, sometimes they give you free gifts like makeup brushes and face packs too!

Here are the results, what do you think?

Then we went on to pick our outfits out; I actually own a lot of Lolita to I wanted to try wearing a Deco Kimono, I found a pastel sweets inspired one with a Lolita-style collar and hot pink sheer Obi, which was tied into a giant bow at the front, I fell in love immediately. It kept the stiff, elegant silhouette of a Kimono but with a quirky Harajuku-esque design. My friends both opted for hand-made Lolita pieces, one was in royal purple and gold with a Corset and matching masquerade mask, and the other was very fun, floral and spring-like. After that, we selected wigs that would accentuate our outfits, I chose a marshmallow yellow and pink mixed wig, while my friends went for more natural colors. Lastly we picked from their extensive collection of accessories to jazz up our outfits; you could also choose from the range of Pink-hime accessories - including a giant, pink, sparkly crown! I picked out various sparkly clips and kanzashi, Tiara-chan selected a fluffy rabbit mask to complete the look. Then we were ready to take some photos!

There is a kind of display cabinet to stand and have your photo taken, it almost felt like standing in a doll-box. There was a lot of studio lighting, but they didn't have a professional camera on-hand, however you are allowed to bring whatever camera or recording equipment you like in to the store to film. However be prepared for a lot of the other customers to take your photo, coupled with random passers-by within the department store and of course, the staff! There was a chorus of camera clicks inbetween "oooh" "ahhhh" and "kawaiiiiii", it was a very surreal and happy experience!

We took the outfits for a spin around the Department store, before dressing down again and going for some lunch. I know we will be back for sure though, I really recommend any visitors to Japan to check it out, it was a very cheap and magical experience. Tomo-san also speaks a little English to help assist you into your princess transformation!

If you want to check out the store, the page is here and can be translated into English - http://www.0101.co.jp/smp/stores/guide/limited/00024detail.html?comment_id=110085

If you would like to Check out the store of  PinkHime, her website is here -


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