Friday, 22 January 2016

This Months highlights!

A new SPINNs in Harajuku opened this month, in Takeshita dori part two. SPINNs is a perfect place to buy true Harajuku fashion - plenty of pastels and wild designs. It is rumoured that SPINNs actually have staff go to America and buy vintage items from shops like Goodwill, so I suggest raiding your nearest charity shop for a super-kawaii find. They also stock Harajuku brands, popular trends and local designers art work - such as postcards, T-shirts and pin-badges. The designer we found at SPINNs this month had small pastel and extremely cute pin-badges which hilariously said obnoxious things like "ブース〝 meaning "ugly" and " デブ" meaning "fat".
There was also a "My Little Pony" pop-up cafe that recently finished nearby.

Next up is the "Yokai Watch" store in Tokyo station!
After a poll in Japan, it was recently announced that "Yokai Watch" character Jibanyan is actually more popular than Pikachu! This was a little upsetting for me as a diehard Pokemon fan, but Jibanyan also has his charms, what do you think?

The store itself was pretty small but filled with various goods from keychains and plushies to stationary and decorated 3DS systems. The store also had video-games to play, trading cards and little robots for amusements. I am not sure what the postbox-looking thing was, but I didnt want to put my hand inside in case I was infused with some ancient Yokai magic or something.

Finally -

I always talk about Nakano Broadway as it is a haven for geeks and also very close to my house.
I love it for three reasons:

1.Super rare and cute goods. For example, really old Sailormoon dolls or one-of-a-kind Ghibli plushies.

2. The famous Nakano big ice cream. You can have up to 8 scoops, I have only ever handled 4. This time I had soda, sesame, strawberry and green tea.

3. Lastly, the small art gallery found somewhere on the second floor. There are different Japanese artists from time to time and sometimes even storyboards from anime. This month highlights the contemporary designer Takashi Murakami.


  1. That artwork is from Takashi Murakami right? I did a project based on his work before haha~ It's a little saddening to here that pikachu isnt that popular anymore lol..I'm a huge pokemon fan too but i guess, times change ^^;
    Great post x
    MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. Thank you so much!

      I was struggling to remember the name, I think he also has an exibition in Shinjuku Marui if I am correct?
      My students can recognize Pikachu at least, that is enough for me ;D
      I am surprised Pokemon is still popular at all, I wish they would have made a more grown-up version of the series though.