Friday, 22 January 2016

Harajuku Fashion, temples, chocolate bananas and pigs!

Asakusa is a very unlikely place for a Harajuku fashion walk, far from Harajuku itself and home to Sensoji temple, considered one of the most traditional parts of Tokyo. I was a little hesitant at first to wear such extreme eye-catching fashion in a place of sobriety and worship, but actually the walk was a huge success.

Sensoji temple is very large, and filled with dazzling colors and architecture, which actually provided a lovely backdrop for the wide range of outfits and accentuated the colors perfectly. Upon meeting at the station we began slowly walking into Sensoji, almost in marching-formation, admiring each-others outfits and the beautiful scenery. The walkway up to the temple itself is actually full of souvenir shops, traditional Japanese sweet shops and restaurants. They change the decorations seasonally., with the current season being white and red, promoting "hatsumoude" - everyone's first temple visit of the year.

 We managed to take a nice snap at the start in front of the giant "red balloon", which actually is a huge lantern showing the "Kaminarimon" - the Thunder gate.There is a huge pair of sandals hung up next to the gate, which are for the gods to wear if they ever enter the temple. When walking down the walkway my Japanese friend said to not walk in the middle, as that is where the Gods supposedly walk.

 Because it was still Hatsumoude season, there were some matsuri stalls set up to buy festival foods. There were the usual kinds of foods you might find at a matsuri - yakitori, okonmiyaki, candy floss etc, but we stumbled across one really kawaii food!
"Choco-banana" - simply a chocolate covered banana, decorated in a really cute way. We found they matched our outfits perfectly!

We made sure to take 82373287382 pictures with our choco-bananas before heading for our next point of call - a roof garden where you can admire the whole of Asakusa from above. Asakusa is actually really close to two major landmarks - Tokyo Sky Tree, one of the worlds largest towers and "The golden poop", literally a building with the statue of, what seems to be a golden poop.

At the roof garden we were able to get an ever better view and take some outfit shots of what we were wearing. It was actually freezing on that day so everyone dressed really warmly. I wore a Swankiss white and lilac jumper, skirt and jacket but added some fur accessories to keep myself toasty.  I bought little sticker-stars from WeGo in Harajuku to stick in my hair and also glitter to put under my eyes.

Walking back to the station we then had another suprise - a wild pig appeared! Someone had apparently been taking their pig out for a walk and tied him up outside a shop, the pig was super friendly and loved all the attention and belly-rubs.

It was a wild day full of sugar, golden poop and pigs, so we were glad to retire early and get some rest.  The Harajuku fashion walk is held monthly and run by Harajuku icon "Junyan". I wonder where the Harajuku fashion walk will take us next time?

*eating choco-banana with Junyan.

Photographs watermarked with "Japanstreets" by Japanstreets.

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