Thursday, 24 September 2015

Osaka - USJ Japan at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

We probably picked the absolute worst time of year to visit Universal studios Japan in Osaka. It was blisteringly hot, so much so at that time that every day news reports were going out of people passing out or dying from heat stroke. Its not so much the heat that is the problem in Japan, it is also ridiculously humid, making it hard to breathe. However, I promised Leo I would take him to USJ for his birthday, so I couldn't back down!

There are various Shinkansen *bullet trains* going from Tokyo to Osaka, varying slightly in price and speed. You can pick up a cheaper one if you book in advance, but I have the serious flaw of leaving everything to the last minute; so ours were 13,000yen  each for a one-way ticket to Osaka.  

Firstly, as all tourists in Osaka do, we visited Doutonburi street in Namba to greet the big neon Glico man, The streets of Osaka are so lively and people seem noisier than in Tokyo. People also stand on the opposite side on the escalators, which was super confusing for us!
Osaka is famous for two foods; Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki, we decided to try the latter. Okonomiyaki is a kind of cabbage pancake, that you fry yourself on a griddle with a mixture of fish, meat and sometimes cheese. Osakan Okonomiyaki is supposed to be the best in Japan, but actually I didnt notice the difference x3
Osakan okonomiyaki is cooked at a lower tempterature for a lot longer, so has a crispy texture. I prefer the softer and gooier Hiroshima version, but this one was delicious too!

After that it was too swelteringly hot to do anything but eat ice cream in a local arcade, we were both drenched in sweat from carrying our luggage and not being used to Kansai heat, so we head to a nearby hotel for an early night.

Universal studios opens about 8am, but some rides and areas require time-based tickets that you can acquire on the inside. At the moment, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the most popular, so as soon as the park opens everyone dashes inside to get their time ticket for that area. We woke up at 6am, packed our stuff and head to the park, getting in for the opening and getting an early entry in to the Harry Potter world. Even at that early time, the heat was unbearable.

The park itself was huge, I am not to well versed in Universal Studios projects but they did have rides for Jurassic park and Back to the Future, which were pretty exciting. The streets were so wide and all the shops had an american theme, it didn't feel like being in Japan at all. There were various souvenir shops, but the hot items of the day were the "mist gun" which shoots a fine watery mist and the "Minions" style water pistol. As it was so blisteringly hot, there were hordes of children having water fights outside, there was even an area for "water wars".

Of course we headed to the Harry Potter souvenir store first; it had such an old and magical feeling inside, as though it just popped out of one of the books, I bought us two sets of wizard robes to get in the spirit, even though they were ridiculously expensive at 14,000 yen each!
Leo went for the Griffindor duds, whereas I'm a Slytherin at heart ;D
After getting all dressed up we went off to the Wizarding world as our timed ticket was ready, and we were not disappointed.
Firstly, you need to make your way through the "Forbidden forest" which builds a nice atmosphere as you weave through the fur trees and listen to the ominous music and owl noise soundtrack. You pass by the Whomping Willow and encounter the car from the Chamber of Secrets, which was a nice touch.

Then you arrive at the gates of Hogsmeade.
The village is extremely well-made and realistic, the snow on the roofs was a nice touch, even though it was kind of weird standing in snowy scenery when people are passing out from heat stroke.

Walking in you get a view of the Hogwarts express and the opportunity to take a picture with the train driver, but we opted to get a nice cold frozen butter beer instead.

The Butterber itself was super delicious, it seems to be some kind of butterscotch based drink, the frozen version was kind of like a frappe. However it was super sickly sweet, so it was difficult to drink a whole one, I feel as though it was too sweet for Japanese tongues in general and I don't think I saw one person finish theirs.

Then we watched the various shows around Hogsmead and did some light shopping in the many sweet and souvenir stores and then took some pictures with our house colors. Leo bought a wand from Olivander's wand shop for 3000yen.

The last part of the Wizarding World is also the most anticipated - The ride inside Hogwarts castle. The castle itself is well-made and awe-inspiring like everything else, they even included the black lake. However the line to the ride took about two hours in total, which was very uncomfortable due to the heat and humidity. The line wound round the castle and into the botanical gardens of Professor Sprout, which made the wait less painful. 

The ride itself was exhilarating. You get strapped inside and given 3d glasses with the premise of riding a broom in the Quiddich team with Harry, encountering magical monsters and even Voldemort. The only problem is that the ride moved a lot; with sudden shaking and turning upside down. Paring this with the 3D images made it really easy to get motion sickness. There was even a warning to not ride if you are susceptible to motion sickness. Admittedly I felt sick afterwards, but it was totally worth it!


  1. Harry Potter <3<3 Omg the Butterbeer I have wanted to try that forever!

    1. You must! There is a hot version too, but it is super duper sweet *_*

  2. You're so lucky!! I still haven't gone to the Harry Potter Experience in the UK despite living here all my life haha... Osakan food is really the best! <3 Great post~!
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. Thank you! It was amazing, I heard the UK one is really good because you can ride a broomstick! They have butter beer too <3