Friday, 10 July 2015

Qpot Cafe x Sailor Moon Cafe

I can not emphasize enough how hard we tried to get into this cafe. Qpot is pretty exclusive so you usually need a reservation to even enter it, but the Sailor Moon collaboration meant that the demand for entry was super high, so a ticket system was put in place whereby tickets were sold from 8:30am for intervals throughout the day. This meant you had to get up pretty damn early to snag one, also everyone has to be present to get tickets, so one person cant obtain tickets for a full party.Unfortunately for us, my friends and I hate getting up early on our days off so we instead tried going a little later. we failed twice getting there after 1pm and then finally got a ticket on a Thursday at 1pm, for a slot at 6:30pm. Luckily the cafe is in Omotesando so there were plenty of shops and restaurants to keep us busy. The cafe was a little out of the way, as Omotesando is a big place, so I suggest using a map if you want to find it.

The outside was pretty decked out with Sailor Moon decorations, opposite the cafe there is also a Qpot Jewelry store that sells sweet-themed accessories, The Sailor Moon accessories sold out pretty quickly, but I managd to grab a pastel mint and pink Sailor Jupiter cupcake necklace. It looked good enough to eat, complete with icing and gummy-like bow! The jewel sparkles brilliantly too.

We were asked to pick our menu choices from the outside, I chose the Special Sailor Moon Holy Grail parfait and Sailor Moon "Shiny make-up" rose tea. All the items on the menu were fairly expensive, but they were excellently crafted and the presentation was amazing.

The parfait was designed to look like the Holy Grail chalice in the original Sailor Moon series, complete with heart-shaped strawberries and shortcake wings. The stop part was raspberry sorbet and whipped cream, beneath was layers of ice cream, orange cream and cornflakes. Yes somehow Japanese sweet restaurants love putting cornflakes in their ice cream desserts. Then finally the bottom layer was delicious berry coulis; despite the chocolate pattern there was no chocolate sauce, it was just a pattern on the glass! I can say without a doubt it was the best parfait I have ever eaten, the flavours were selected carefully and there was a variety of textures too. The parfait and drink set was 2900yen together.

The rose tea was a deep purple, but when the gum syrup was added. it slowly turned in to a hot pink!

My friend ordered the giant macaron, it was filled with whipped cream and berries and she even got the keep the plate! It was a star-shaped and gold decorated plate with an Usagi design. The macaron and drink together came to 3900yen, but you get to keep the plate too, which explains why it is a little more expensive.

Finally my outfit run-down. I wore a bubblegum colored pastel school uniform from "Bubbles" in Shibuya 109 and my glittery pastel pink WeGo bag and Sailor Moon broach. This outfit was pretty comfortable and soft, it seemed like a little more casual take on Mahou Kei. Of course I wore Usagi's trademark hair buns.

This cafe is running until the end of July and I totally suggest visiting, for any Sailor Moon Otaku and enthusiasts, or even someone who loves cute sweets. The jewellery is sold out, but can be pre-ordered on the Qpot website or at any of the stores.


  1. I'm sad that they dont have this cafe in Osaka ;___; I really wanna go ;__;

    1. I want to visit Osaka soon! Do you have any cute caf├ęs there?

  2. Why so cute? O.O It's just brilliant that they made a sailor moon cafe!

  3. I don't know what's more adorable, the desserts or your beautiful outfit! <33
    I loved this post, it's so cute~

    Minae ♥ Minaekei