Thursday, 18 June 2015

Harajuku Birthday

The theme for my birthday was Seifuku and Mahou Shoujo, so everyone had to incorporate the theme of magical girl or school uniform into their outfit. Some of my friends went for a very old school plaid skirt, tie and shirt school uniform look, while others went for the outrageous pastel unicorn style. I was on the pastel unicorn side of the spectrum.
On your birthday you are always unsure if people will show up, especially living in Tokyo when everyone is always so busy, I had to have my party on a wednesday due to work, thus I expected a small crowd. I was so surprised that so many people decided to come...The weather was perfect for an outing in Harajuku, too! I started to use my new Liz Lisa selfie stick, but out of the hundred pictures I took, all but five looked like they were taken in a washing machine.

Takeshita dori in Harajuku was swelteringly humid and choc-full of people, so bonus points to my friends for coming in seifuku themed outfits, they all looked fantastic!
Right now Bodyline have released a line of pastel Seifuku, so it made dressing for this event a little easier.

Outfit rundown;

The theme of my birthday was "Mahou Shoujo" or "Magical girl", so naturally I wore Mahou-kei with unicorn inspiration. My dress was from the new "Love Soda" series from Swankiss, my pink platforms and socks were from ALTA in Shinjuku and my random accessories are from the 300 yen  accessory store known as "Paris Kids" in Takeshita Dori. The little lilac glittery backpack was a present on the day from Emu! It matched my outfit perfectly!

I did my hair in a kind of Sailor Moon "dango" style and wore Swankiss shop staff inspired makeup, you could say this outfit was an amalgamation of all the things that inspire me!

We shopped around Harajuku for a couple of hours, had some burrito's and then headed to the purikura arcade. It's underground so it was even more humid than outside so during our intense purikura session we started dripping with sweat...

I am so thankful for everyone's diligence on the day!

You're not supposed to fit this many people in a purikura machine....

After the traumatizing round of purikura, we headed to Shinjuku to my friends bar "Comfort bar" for a birthday surprise~

My friend made these adorable pink posters to decorate the bar and commemorate my birthday, complete with sparkly macarons!

And then inside, there was a big bouquet of sparkly flowers waiting for me, my name in balloons and another mini poster! I have never had anything like this before so I was so overwhelmed. The flowers were so beautiful and they smelt so sweet.

I changed in to my pastel Bodyline Seifuku and then we partied in to the wee hours of the morning. The bar was also full of lots and lots of balloons. (I forgot to mention to my friend about my balloon phobia >.<) but after many glasses of shochu, I didn't mind so much.
Comfort bar itself is actually a "boys bar" the kind of bar that has attractive men serving, so it made for a very interesting experience.

The bar also had Karaoke so everyone got reasonably smashed before belting out their favorite idol and kpop hits. I am so lucky to have spent such a wonderful and unique birthday with my friends, especially in somewhere as colorful as Harajuku, I can't wait for our adventures next year..

And finally, the haul!

After the dust had settled and I recovered from my hangover, I was able to take photos of all the wonderful birthday presents I received from my friends and Leo!

Shani brought me back a Monster High doll from America, Rima gave me some clothing from his brand; ACDC Rags and other friends gave me various sweets and Sanrio products, I know for sure that my friends know exactly the kind of things that I like!

One of the highlights were these adorable little animal macarons from the Swimmer chocolatier brand "Chocoholic".

In the morning of that day I was able to wake up to all these wonderful presents from Leo. Especially the goods from one of my favorite anime's of this season; Show by Rock!

Looking back at all my presents they kind of look like they are for a child, which makes me question myself a little, because I loved them all!

Overall it was a perfect birthday, Thank you for all the presents and birthday wishes!

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