Thursday, 21 May 2015

Goat Cafe in Shibuya!

As my birthday was in a few days, Leo and I decided to go out and buy something to wear for my birthday event in Shibuya. Tokyo is extremely hot and humid right now, which is a little unusual for May, so we were dying for refreshments. In the backstreets of Shibuya, we came across Sakuragaoka cafe. The cafe itself is big, bright and sells delicious food and desserts, which isn't unusual for cafes in Shibuya. However, the cafe does have one quirk - it's home to two pet goats!

The goats live in a little enclosure on the side of the cafe, so you can watch them through the window while you have your coffee, or pet them through the railings when they stick their head through. They were both very docile and friendly and seemed to love visitors. The shop girl often takes them for walks around the cafe, where there is some greenery so it looks as though they have a very happy life.

Their names are Sakura and Chocolate, you can probably guess who is who! If you find yourself a big fan of them you can choose one of the goat-themed ice cream parfaits that the cafe has to offer - the Chocolate soft and Sakura Sundae. I don't think they contain any traces of actual goat, so don't worry,

The inside interior is mostly wooden, with metal railing accents, much like the goat enclosure, which gave it a really fresh and farm-like feeling. It was kind of unusual to be in such a natural and spacious environment whilst being in central Shibuya, I definitely recommend this cafe for people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The menu was pretty extensive, serving a mixture of Asian and European food, Everything was made from scratch with fresh vegetables. There was a pasta of the day option; which Leo chose. It was prawn, broccoli and bacon spaghetti and it was very fresh and a perfected option for a sweltering day in Tokyo. I had Thai prawn coconut milk curry, which was super creamy and lightly spicy. I find that Thai food is always fantastic in Tokyo~
 I was laughing because the salad almost looked the same as the goat feed.

The cafe has a really nice vibe and the food is delicious, if you are ever in need of the companionship of goats, and you are in Shibuya, I definitely recommend checking this place out.

We ventured in to Shibuya 109 afterwards where popular hime-gyaru and hime-kaji brand Liz Lisa were doing a collaboration with My Melody and if you spent over 15,000 yen you could get a free pink selfie stick! Naturally I had to have it!

Leo bought me wonderful things to wear on my birthday, I am so excited for my event!

Of course Leo and I ended up taking Purikura to commemorate our day in Shibuya, as we don't get free days off together often and it's my birthday!


  1. This reminds me a lot of the sheep café in Seoul! I'm not sure if I want to visit Sakuragaoka...maybe if you get to pet the goats a lot and the food is good...
    That My Melody collab is so sweet, I love it. Can't wait to go back to Japan soon ^_^

    { }

  2. Lol, there is a goat cafe?! Now I have seen everything. This is so cool, they look adorable! I just love the my melody x Liz lisa clothes, I desperately want to own a few pieces, but I can't figure out when to buy it online (Im in Australia).

    I hope you had a lovely birthday! :)

    <3 Sarah
    Oh So Kawaii