Thursday, 7 May 2015

Broken Doll band and hand-made brand!

Broken Doll is the definition of Kawaii. Both a popular "Kawaii rock" band and handmade clothing and accessories brand, everything is totally oozing in cuteness and pop.

Influenced by Harajuku Kawaii fashion, Satchi is the vocalist for the Broken Doll band which combines her sweet melodic voice with rocking and electronic beats. The band itself has toured all over the world, including at Hyper Japan in London and will soon be touring in Brazil. It makes me really happy to see Japanese fashion and music being anticipated so widely overseas.

Recently we visited their store in Shimokitazawa (about 30 minutes from central Tokyo). If you ever have a chance to visit Shimokitazawa, I thoroughly recommend it; it's famous for vintage and handmade clothing and a rich fashion scene. There you can still see many specific subgenres being worn on the street; such as punk and cult-party kei and also grab yourself a used bargain from one of the many second hand stores.

Broken Doll is located in one of the shopping centers near the station and is instantly recognizable with its neon shop displays, pastel jewellery and cyber punk mannequin. Not to mention the owner, Kensuke has electric blue hair! The shop itself is kind of a hidden gem, so please check the map on the website before hunting for it.

The brand itself has many influences, including 80's music and glam rock, which is why a lot of the pieces feature items like cassette tapes and old vinyls. There is also a cyber and horror element with pieces such as "dead baby in a jar" necklaces, syringe chokers and pastel gas masks, for people who are not into the pastel and cutesy side of Harajuku fashion, this store has something for everyone.

This is the widely popular "heart switch" necklace,

This is Kensuke's workbench making a new product (something perfect for me) the "pegasus choker".

Broken Doll have their own website and frequently ship products all around the globe. I really support hand-made and indie brands, particularly in Japan because it's brands like this that inspire and drive fashion subcultures and keep Harajuku fashion alive. I would encourage people to buy things from smaller, unique brands like this rather than bigger chains.

You can check out the webstore here;
As well as their Facebook page here;
You can also follow the owner Kensuke on Instagram brokendoll_ken

Recently Instagram is really big in Japan, especially for brands and street snap photographers, I think it's a good place to find out what's happening in the fashion world of Tokyo.

Broken Doll Live in Koenji High!

Recently Broken Doll had a concert in Tokyo at Koenji High, where they also sold their hand-made goods. Me and my friends attended of course, wearing Harajuku fashion.
 As I am a teacher in a private school, I can't have brightly colored dyed hair, but a perfect solution for this was "hair chalk" which is exactly as it sounds - colored chalk that you "draw" on to your hair and washes out. I bought mine from a regular cosmetics store in Shinjuku for only 600yen and they come in a variety of colors. Face gems and stickers are super popular in Harajuku right now and you can pick them up for as little as 100yen a packet!

Broken Doll's performance on stage was very electric and exciting, I especially liked their most popular song "I miss you" and the final encore - a cover of Madonna's "Material girl". Although it was really unexpected, they gave it a fantastic harajuku-twist. As you can see, their music is also inspired by the 80's. The whole concert was catchy and feel-good, leaving everyone leaving the venue with a smile. The band itself consists of four members; Satchi the vocalist, Kensuke on guitar, Yuu on bass and Hideya on drums and each member has their own unique style, wearing clothes from Broken Doll, vintage items from Shimokitazawa and also pieces from Harajuku.

You can view their PV for "I miss you" here ~

Satchi was very cute and charming and agreed to take a photograph with me!~

Afterwards me and my friends took Purikura to commemorate the day; Phoenix wore pastel-kei, Tom was Punk and I had morphed into some kind of Harajuku space cat.

Lastly, as I said earlier there will be having a tour in Brazil this month, if you happen to be in Brazil then maybe you can catch one of their shows!

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