Saturday, 25 April 2015

Hanami in Tokyo!~

I was lucky enough to have two fantastic Hanami parties; one with my friends and another with my amazing boyfriend. Let's start with friends~

The park was swarming with photographers and we even got recorded on the news!

A group of drunk guys threw their frisbee into our picnic at a poor attempt of flirting with us, but we soon made them leave >w<

The location was Yoyogi park, a popular spot for Hanami goers, so naturally the park was full of people having a picnic, playing frisbee and of course, drinkin' ;D

Kensuke invited us out with some Harajuku regulars such as Maro and Hina, they were all really good fun and ridiculously adorable The highlight was Hina and Maro dancing to the Yokai watch song~

Hina always has such a beautiful smile!

I wore Angelic Pretty in pink to try and match the beautiful flowers, but I was paling in comparison to the natural beauty that was falling around us. The Japanese say that things are at their most beautiful when they are about to die, which is why the falling sakura is so fleetingly beautiful. I think this is true, the sakura only lasts for a couple of weeks, but it's for that reason that it's so cherished and beautiful.

 After Hanami I took Purikura with Ebony and phoenix, they were both delciously cute and sakura-themed <3 

Hanami Part 2

This was when the Sakura was finally phasing out into death, so the petals were falling at an alarming rate, it was also raining that day. Leo took me to many places for Hanami, but the main event was at Shinjuku Gyoen Mae park.

I really love how the skyline of the city juxtaposed the traditionalness of the cherry blossom trees, I felt like I was in some kind of fantasy novel. That park has a Japanese garden, a French garden and even a British one! But it closed early at 5pm, so we didn't have time to view them all.

It's not just cherry blossoms that are beautiful, there were so many different kinds of beautiful, blooming flowers!

Again, I tried to dress for the occasion, wearing Angelic Pretty.

There were even beautiful sakura trees right on our doorstep, in Nakano!

After a long day of viewing flowers, of course we ended up taking Purikura.

The sakura has already died now, while it was short-lived, I managed to make lots of memories and I'm already excited to see them bloom again next year! I would love to see them in Kyoto!

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