Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Tokyo Ghoul Exhibition in Nakano!

Nakano broadway is fast becoming one of my favorite places and it's kind of a hidden gem. Otaku culture is closely attributed to Akihabara and while that may be true, Nakano is an Otaku Mecca in its own right. It focuses more on smaller, more unique and specific stores, indie designers and companies. There is a room where they showcase art from anime and manga, for the next couple of weeks they are exhibiting one of my favourite anime's - Tokyo Ghoul!

If anyone interested in anime I really recommend watching Tokyo Ghoul, it has a great mix of story, suspense and gore and really plays on your emotions and what it means to be human. Please watch it~

This exhibition focused on character concept art from the anime, but also had the cafe outfit from Anteiku and the various gatcha that you can buy at the moment~ Enjoy the photo spam!

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  1. Tokyo Ghoul <3 You are just so lucky you got to go there!