Sunday, 1 March 2015

Shirokuma cafe in Takadanobaba!

Shirokuma Cafe *Polar bears cafe* is a slice-of-life anime about a cafe run by a polar bear; who has both human and animal customers. The main protagonist is a panda, named Panda who is beyond lazy and is forced by his mother to take a part-time job in a zoo. The anime revolves around the daily lives of the customers at the cafe; as though they somehow fit in to human society and the troubles they face. There is also a penguin, llama, turtle and sloth who visit the cafe, along with a human waitress girl. The anime itself is on-going and very charming, I really suggest watching it. As a fan of this anime I was really shocked to find there is a theme cafe for it one station away from my house in Takadanobaba and actually that cafe has been there for two years!

 As it isnt just a temporary cafe, the decor is extremely detailed and the menu is extensive. True fans of the anime will really appreciate the little attention to detail; for example Panda and Penguin are propping up the bar and Panda is complete with his little Panda bag. Sloth is also hiding in one of the plants and there is a lot of the original artists work drawn on the walls.
The menu takes items from the original anime cafes menu itself; such as "polar bears lunch set" and "penguin parfait" also apparently you can order bamboo salad, just like Panda's regular order in the anime!

Firstly we ordered Matcha latte and a regular latte, they came complete with Panda and Polar Bear's faces! With your order you also get a random coaster.

I ordered the "Lunch set" which was hamburger with salsa, rice, salad and sweet and sour chicken. It was really filling but really delicious, the cherry tomatoes were so sweet too.~

Leo ordered Panda's Hayashi rice; it was really meaty and delicious, his eyes were made from sweet beans.

Lastly we shared Mei Mei's valentines dessert; which was a limited edition item. It was super super sweet, but very delicious and chocolatey. The berries seemed pretty fresh too!

The cups were really cute too!

As well as having a nice little gift shop, the cafe also had giant versions of the characters heads that you could wear as hats; they were ridiculous so of course we tried them all.

Then finally no date is complete without Purikura! These machine had a special cake background option!~

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  1. So cute! I'm sad I missed the Shirokuma Cafe when I went to Tokyo last summer. I kind of want that shirokuma hat, haha! Great photos!