Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Roxie Sweetheart shoot in Tokyo

My beautiful and talented friend Michelle came over from London to Tokyo for a holiday, but while she was here we decided to put together a photo shoot for her brand, Roxie Sweetheart.
Her brand is a wonderful mix of creepy cute and bubblegum pop Harajuku-themed clothing and accessories.
I called on Mai Asaki and Shiena to model for her with me and they ended up really suiting the style and putting their own spin on it. Mai is always seen in Kera and Tokyo Fashion with her unique punky style, while Shiena is famous in the gaijin gyaru community.

We each had our own theme; mine was creepy cute with lots of bat and castles; Shiena was mermaid with seahorse accessories and finally Mai's look was kind of pastel and sunset-looking. I think all the styles complimented each other perfectly! We got to wear Roxie Sweetheart brand jumpers, printed tights and accessories,

This is a close-up of the jumper, necklace and ring I modeled. Everything really was glittering, pastelly cute, yet still spooky looking. The jumper was super soft too <3.

The location of the shoot was in Shinjuku, because it was fairly close to Michelle's hotel and we were all familiar with some colorful shooting spots. I really like the neon signs in Shinjuku, they are tacky but awesome. We got a lot of attention from the public, which was pretty good as we could give out lots of fliers and promote the brand a little.

In Shinjuku there is also the giant LOVE sign - a popular spot for tourists and couples. The sign itself is actually red but...Michelle photoshopped it pink ;D
One security guard kept following us around this area and telling me not to climb on things, because there are a lot of important corporate buildings in the area. I didnt listen though.

Our makeup we all added gems to our faces for a kind of otherworldly Sailormoon feel, recently I am really in to stickers, gems and sparkles.

The shoot went really well, we ended up being a little late so we couldn't catch so much sunlight, but the Purikura pictures made up for it! Michelle and the other models were wonderful fun and we got to have dinner at Sweets Paradise at the end, I hope Michelle comes back to Tokyo and plays again soon!

Roxie Sweetheart store; http://www.roxiesweetheart.co.uk/
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