Thursday, 5 March 2015

Pokemon Cafe in Shibuya report!

The Pokemon Cafe was probably the hardest cafe in Tokyo to get in to, with a waiting time of over three hours, it was a kind of bittersweet experience; BUT I HAVE NO REGRETS >:D

This cafe opened temporarily to promote the release of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games on Nintendo 3DS and since then has been so popular it's impossible to enter without a ticket reservation.
There is a machine that issues a ticket; ours was 135 and they were on customer number 60, so we took a walk for about two hours and came back.

You have to order before you take your seat, and then they let you take a Pikachu themed photograph in the photo area. The staff rush you a lot so we only got to take one and it was terrible ;D

The attention to detail was pretty sweet though, although it was a little ironic that people line up for four hours but there are two seats taken up by this little Pikachu plushie, taking his sweet time to order >-<

The cafe was a lot smaller on the inside than I expected, but they decorated the walls well, added plenty of plushies, there were screens airing the new Pokemon series and they played lots of nostalgic Pokemon music. 

The menu wasn't huge, but every dish seemed well crafted and bursting with cuteness; for my main dish I chose the Pikachu spaghetti and hamburger. It looks like Omelette rice; but actually his little face is made from mashed potato and hamburger and coated in egg, kind of little a little shephards pie with demi glace sauce. It was surprisingly delicious and hearty. The pasta was a little plain but I loved the little Pokeball they crafted from a tomato, quail egg and some nori seaweed. Such a delicate touch! Also that little "sweet" was actually cheese!

With my main meal I ordered a Pikachu latte. The top of the latte seemed to be some thick yellow custard that you could eat with a spoon, with chocolate face details, jam cheeks and potato chips dipped in chocolate for ears! With each drink order you get to keep a little coaster.

My friend ordered a cappuccino and it came with a little legendary Pokemon biscuit!

There was also an amazing crepe themed dessert, which they present in a Pokeball filled with dry ice, I uploaded a video to instagram, please take a look~
I ended up wearing Gothic Lolita to the cafe; but I actually wore a more Pokemon themed outfit the day before when I thought I would go to the cafe, but actually the wait time made it impossible.

In conclusion; the Pokemon cafe is perfect for big fans of the series and (like some of my friends who joined me that day) just people who like cute stuff and themed cafes. At a wait time of three hours plus, I would only recommend going there if you have other business in Shibuya. I had lots of fun though~ It's a shame it will close soon!


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