Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Mahou-kei magical days!

Recently I have been experimenting a little bit more with fashion after the Roxie Sweetheart shoot. I have been watching Sailor Moon, Mahou Shojo Madoka Majika and other magical girl anime's these days so I wanted to kind of mix them together.

On this day my wonderful boyfriend and I had an interview in Asakusa for Nihon Terebi's Saturday ZOOM. The interview was pretty usual; just about the kind of things I do in Japan, my fashion circle and love of taking Purikura photos. The interviewer kept saying what a cute couple we were and how Rabu Rabu we looked, so I was pretty happy~ I will post a video when it's broadcasted, it should be airing the morning of April 4th. Please watch it!~

Here is a close-up of my hair and make-up. The gems are really just 100 yen cheapies from a nearby 100 yen store in Takadanobaba, the My Melody clips are from the Sanrio store in Harajuku and the dress is Princess Melody from Ma*rs.

Leo surprised me and took me to a Sakura event in Nihonbashi, it was such a wonderful date, we decided to take Purikura afterwards. I am so lucky to be with someone that supports my crazy fashion and otaku-ness.

Mahou-Kei look 2

On this day I met my Japanese friend Miku for some casual shopping in Harajuku. I used my head gems and threw together some quick Sailor Moon hair. My silver was kind of fading though >w< I wore the Mermaid jumper that Michelle gave me as thanks for modeling for the Roxie Sweetheart shoot, up close it's so detailed and amazing~ <3

I finally made it to 6% Doki Doki and took a photo with the beautiful shop girl~

This store really inspired me, it was really mismatching and kaleidoscopic but somehow everything fit together in some kind of harmonious kawaii explosion.

Miku is always so kind and happy to meet with me~

Mahou-Kei look #3

I went to Nakano again to buy some cheap Sailor Moon gatcha with my gorgeous Canadian friend Vanessa. I wore my oversized Galaxxxy jumper with Chameleons on it, and really went to town on stickers and accessories. I also got to wear the ring I bought in 6% Doki Doki, it's so magical!~

We ended taking quite a bit of Purikura too. ;3

 Vanessa is really good to talk to and she really likes Sailor Moon, I feel lucky to have such fun friends to do things with.

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  1. Awww so cute >w< I love your clothes <3
    Purika are so cutie ~~

    Can we follow each other??