Sunday, 1 March 2015

High Tea!

It was the beautiful Ebony's birthday party and her friend Bambi planned something extra fancy - High Tea at a really luxurious hotel in Tokyo.
Naturally we all had to dress up in our finest Princess outfits and be on our best behavior >-<

The spread was amazing; although a little expensive at 6,000yen a head, you got a set lunch of scones, sandwiches and cakes with clotted cream and jam, but also all-you-can drink tea that you can order from their special selection. I got to try so many different kinds including soft vanilla and Irish tea.  Afternoon tea lasts a long time and we were there for nearly three hours! The atmosphere was relaxing and I got to meet Ebony's friends, who are all charming.

The table wear was so exquisite and the attention to detail was what made this lunch feel extra fancy.

The hotel had its own Japanese gardens; there were pagodas, red bridges and even little koi ponds. I think it's a good place to visit in Tokyo if you are bored of city scapes and want a taste of traditional Japan.

For my outfit, I chose a sweet Lolita co-ord by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright with a Princess sleeved blouse. The print on the JSK was little Belgian chocolate houses, which I felt was fitting for this event.

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