Sunday, 1 March 2015

Final Fantasy Cafe in Akihabara!

This cafe is located in Pasela Resort in Akihabara and isn't too far away from the station. I have a deep love for the FF series but actually this particular cafe is based on the newest MMORPG, which I haven't played... My friends just came over on holiday from Korea, being a bunch of Otaku's, it seemed like the perfect place to take them.

The menu was pretty grand though! They had original character foods, but also things like potions and general Final Fantasy themed items. It was actually reasonably priced and the prices were all in gil!~ 

 I ordered a special sausage set that came with an actual little sword, albeit blunted. The sausages were really delicious, especially the big red one on the far left, which tasted similar to chorizo, This was a nice treat for me as I find it hard to find good sausages in Japan


Then we ordered a Moogle themed honey toast and ice cream! Honey toast is always good and it came with some fresh fruits.

My friend ordered some kind of winged parfait, it was pretty delicious and had all kinds of things inside it.

The method of paying was a little weird; you had to tick what you wanted and hand it to the waiter; we got our bills mixed up so it was  a little confusing.

The bar was really authentic looking, like I had just stepped into Zanarkand or something.

Also various weapons were dotted around the restaurant, which was pretty cool.

The decor itself was pretty detailed and atmospheric, there were actually PC's lying around so you could log in to your FF14 account and play right there in the restaurant too.

 Afterwards I showed my friend something that feels so natural in Akihabara - cosplay purikura!
I chose a generic maid outfit, but my friends dressed up as Goku from DBZ and...All sorts of weird stuff.

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