Thursday, 5 March 2015

Blue Rose from Tiger and Bunny cosplay

Soon I will start promoting Hyper Japan at Comic Market in Tokyo; so I have to start thinking about cosplaying professionally. I decided for my first serious cosplay I would do something difficult and outside of my comfort zone, so I chose a character with a sexy edge. Blue Rose is an idol super hero, with a scantily-clad outfit and a strong sense of justice, so I thought she would be perfect. Especially as my hair has turned the same color as hers~

The outfit base I picked up from Otome street in Ikebukuro, I had to modify it to my size as it was a little big and tweak it here and there, but overall I was pretty lucky as it was a good find. I was excited to do the makeup mostly, as I have a lot of practice with heavy makeup and was greatly inspired by the Ageha memorial book that has a whole section on gyaru inspired cosplay.
The lipstick was actually a liquid eyeshadow that I added a layer of green shimmer over, I contoured slightly and tried to get her eyeliner accurate. I am actually pretty pleased with the outcome~

I had a professional photoshoot in Harajuku; which was a little embarassing because that's not really a place that people cosplay. I changed in La Foret toilets and tried running to the meeting spot, all the while with street snap photographers chasing me like "OMG IT'S THIS SEASONS FASHION" which was pretty terrifying.  It was a little cold, but actually the weather was perfect for shooting and the high-rise buildings of Omotesando made for a fitting backdrop for the shoot.

I also took purikura, which was a nightmare with her "tail" smacking everyone around in the ragugaki booth >-<

Now for some photo spam~

I am interested to see how I will fare wearing this at Comic Market, which is an actual convention, so wish me luck!
Otherwise; on to the next cosplay! It will be ready in the next week~

Here is the link to the Hyper Japan website; the event of which I will be promoting at Comike.

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