Sunday, 1 February 2015

Pom Pom Purin cafe in Harajuku!

PomPom Purin if one of Sanrio's lesser known characters, me and my friends argued at the table of the cafe over what he actually is supposed to be. I said he was a dog, but then someone swore he was a rabbit, upon googling this information we discovered he is actually a golden retriever, which is a DOG ;D (smug grin). He is actually a small yellow dog with a pudding on his head.

Thus Sanrio has opened a cafe in Harajuku celebrating him, this is not a guest cafe, it is an actual cafe that will stay in the same spot for a long time, so the quality of the food and decor was very high.

Everything in this cafe is light yellow and caramel brown to represent the...Puddingness?

What do you want to eat? ;3

Both the outside and inside of the cafe are eye-wateringly cute. I visited the cafe with Ruru, Leo and Will, but Will hates cute things and refused to partake in the kawaii spirit x3

Inside there is a giant Pompom Purin statue with some of his smaller friends, the walls are decorated with all kinds of kawaii stuffs, even the lampshades were PomPomPurin themed, I would definitely give the cafe an A for effort and attention to detail in decor.

 I ordered coconut chicken curry and caramel latte! The coconut curry was super thick, creamy, delicious and well presented. I love coconut ANYTHING, so this was perfect for me. The latte was delicious too, but it needed to be a little stronger as I couldn't really taste the coffee.

I just bought a My Melody maid theme cosplay from Akihabara. It was on sale for 1800, so I felt like it was my duty to buy it. My Melody is also a Sanrio character so I felt like this was a good excuse for me to wear it. I felt a little ridiculous, especially as it was so short, but actually I like this outfit a lot.

Ruru's style is always so unique, she was wearing kind of cyber/decora wearing pieces from the designer Takuya Angel, isn't her makeup amazing? <3

Leo had a good time because there was pasta, if there is pasta then Leo is happy x3

And finally...Purikura!

The Pompom Purin cafe was such high quality and there was such high attention to detail in every little thing, it is one of the few theme cafes that I definitely want to visit again.

Please go~

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