Sunday, 15 February 2015

Otaku Valentine's in Akihabara!

Valentine's day here in Japan is a little different from back home; the girls have to one-sidedly give chocolates to the boys, BUT on White Day the roles are reversed and boys give chocolate to girls. So hopefully if you give chocolate now, your senpai will return the favor later ;D
Also on Valentines and White day there is "giri-chocolate" where you are inclined to give chocolate to work friends, friends of the family or any particular connection to the opposite gender.
Last year I received a nice haul on White Day from my students and co--workers~

This time I thought I would try my hand at baking; I went for chocolate cup cakes with white chocolate chips. The original batch I added too much baking soda (I didn't read the recipe properly, like an idiot) and then they tasted like sand and I had to throw them away. I decided not to give up and made a second batch from flour, eggs, cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla essence, milk and white chocolate chips. My local supermarket had a large selection of affordable cake decorating items too! <3

After I baked them I tried to make a floral pattern with icing and a paintbrush and then wrote "Leo daisuki" however...The "ki" from Daisuki fell off, but the sentiment still stands >w<

He was super happy with them anyways and we decided to spend the day with our other love - Otaku culture in Akiba!

Every time I go to Akihabara I find something new, this time I found a shop that only sold knee-high socks and tights. They had such an amazing range and even sold some original designs, I bought some gothic ones and some for my stocking cosplay.

Also I noticed there are a lot of Dansou cafe's now, but that is more something to visit with my girl friends~

We went to buy some anime goods from shops such as Animate, when I noticed that there is a new game and possibly anime produced by Sanrio coming out called "Show by Rock", which centers around a battle of the bands and features some really cute and unique character designs, so I bought some goods from that.

For our date I decided to wear sweet and floral Lolita, with a lilac coordinate from Angelic Pretty with an Alice and the Pirates princess sleeved blouse and lilac shoes and accessories. It was absolutely freezing in Akihabara so I had to wear some pretty thick outerwear too.

These days I find that the cold is too much for me to spend more than a few hours outside in the cold, so we try and make that time count and stop for plenty of hot drinks.

Of course we took many obligatory couple photos~

This was our final haul of anime goods, as we recently turned in to massive Fate series fans!~

I am very lucky to have had such a perfectly wonderful valentines day date, I hope everyone had a lovely day surrounded by the ones they love and heaps of chocolate!

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