Sunday, 1 February 2015

Mini report: Anime Street in Asagaya

I haven't indulged in Gothic Lolita in so long, but for me it feels like such a winter fashion, so I'm going to try and experiment with it a lot the start of 2015. The place we decided to visit was an Anime Street in Asagaya, so I thought Gothic Lolita would be a good choice as I can think of so many GL themed anime characters

The street itself is in Asagaya, not a very well known place but a place that has a few unique shops, it reminds me a lot of Koenji, but then it is pretty close to Koenji on the Chuo line.
The anime street itself was pretty awesome, it isn't that big and it seems as though it could use some funding, mainly because a lot of people don't know it even exists, but they had a couple of gems there.

For example there is a shop aimed specifically for Dansou fashion. Dansou fashion is kind of like girl's crossplay in to princely or host looking guys and is nearly always sexy. They sold suits and uniforms aimed at girls who like boys style fashion.

Inside they were selling Listen Flavor products. Listen Flavor sell mainly awesome printed T-shirts that work really well with Harajuku fashion and Decora. They are currently doing their collaboration with Danganronpa so we bought some T-shirts and badges so we could take pictures with the giant Monokuma!

They have two anime themed cafe's there that do collaborations with various anime, but we opted to try this small yakipan shop. Yakipan is just grilled or fried break with toppings, but they were so delicious and crispy!

We chose margarita and then blueberry and cream cheese flavours.

Of course they had cosplay shops too, this one is actually a studio for people who want to try cosplay just once or twice. I believe the outfit in the middle is Snow Miku!

Then of course....Purikura!

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