Sunday, 1 February 2015

Harajuku Fashion Walk January 2015!~

(Taken from Japanese streets page, you can view all the photos they took from the walk here:

This was my first Harajuku Fashion walk, but I have heard a lot about it in the past as this one was actually the 29th walk that has been held in Harajuku.

If you want to meet the local Harajuku Fashionistas then this is probably the place to do it! although this particular walk attracts a lot of foreign fashion enthusiasts too, so actually there was a good mix of both!

The three "furries" stole the show in their bunny, fox and cat outfits with classical attire. I believe that the rabbit and cat were wearing Innocent World, but I can't speak for the fox~
 Not only were their outfits on point but their mannerisms were creepily cute too, they did little dances and ran around giggling in a line, it was quite terrifying ;D

I joined in on the silliness too.

I attended the event with Leo, it was hard to pick an outfit seeing as the different styles that are represented are so broad. I decided to go for a hime-lolita outfit from Angelic Pretty, the print has little Pegasuses on so I decided to wear wings to add a more angelic element. My tights were offbrand Harajuku and my bag was LizLisa. Leo wore kind of a punk x J-rock style.

I tried giving myself a hair set that day to save money instead of visiting a salon, I'm not quite sure of the result though!

The walk itself started at Harajuku Takeshita dori exit and wound all through the streets of Harajuku, past the giant Moshi Moshi Nippon clock, included a twenty minute break and then finished finally at the famous Harajuku bridge next to Meiji shrine.

It was my first time seeing this clock, it's designed by Sebastian Matsuda, the 6% Doki Doki creator, so of course it's bursting with kaleidoscopic kawaii magic!

Those animal head bags were as popular as ever on the streets of Harajuku too, I always wonder how much you can actually fit in there...

You can probably tell from this photo that it was bitterly cold that day, but I was so hyped up on everyone's fashion that I barely felt it. We only walked through the main part of Takeshita Dori a little, mostly we walked through the backstreets where we wouldn't get trampled on and lost.

A lot of my beautiful friends attended too, when I think of Decora or Harajuku style in general I always think of Phoenix (the girl with the split dyed hair) and Kali is perpetually rocking Gothic fashion. I feel always thankful to be surrounded by such creative and talented people.

As it was pretty cold we headed home pretty early, but this is one day I will never forget, and I look forward to the next one on 02/22/15!

(Photo taken from Japanese streets)

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