Sunday, 15 February 2015

Drastically Dyed my hair! ad

At the moment I am on a semester break from work; being a teacher it means I have breaks when the children do, which means I get a lot of really long breaks. "Oh your job sounds great!" I hear you say, well...My job doesn't actually pay for those breaks so I have to take on more part time jobs during that time, but some teaching jobs do you pay you for long breaks, or at least half of your usual salary anyways. During these times I survive from teaching private students, Eikaiwa and modeling work. It's not bad just you need to have a good head for budgeting and scheduling.

So on to the hair~

Bright Light

My original hair color was very bright and bleached blonde, so I didn't need to lighten it at all; I chose Manic Panic's lilac dye, but the result didn't go to plan...
In bright light my hair looks electric blue and in other light mauve or violet. I was expecting something a little paler, but I do actually love the outcome. I guess the dye took to my hair very well, so  I would suggest testing the dye on your hair first >w<.

Natural light

Again for working, this color isn't really acceptable at my public school job and for some Eikaiwa stuff. However my old eikaiwa were perfectly fine about it, because my students were all veterans of mine and couldn't care less what color my hair was. So bright hair can definately be acceptable for some jobs. I just started working for a new company, so for that I am wearing a brown wig. 

No-one has seen through my majime disguise yet, hu hu hu~
I bought this wig for 800yen from ALTA in Shinjuku and it has served me well, if you want colorful hair then I would recommend just wearing a wig. 

I am hoping that my hair will fade in to a nice pastel lilac, however it seems to be going silver. I guess I will have to just wait and see what happens~

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