Monday, 16 February 2015

Cute displays in Harajuku and Omotesando

I decided to meet my friend Nana in Harajuku and focus on things other than fashion for a change, as there are a lot of interesting shops and restaurants in that area. On weekends there are many fashion photographers circling the area like vultures and if you are in an interesting outfit you may be lucky enough to get papped by the press. Me and Nana both had our photos taken for a street fashion magazine called Gals Up!

I felt like a big pink marshmallow ;D

But enough about me; on to the cute stuff!

My first port of call was in Kiddie Land down the main stretch of Omotesando. The have a whole floor dedicated to Sanrio products and one of the cutest displays I have ever seen; Little twin stars riding on a unicorn above a giant twinkling cloud!

 Next up at Kiddie Land there was a giant Gudetama display. In case you aren't familiar with Gudetama, he is a very lazy and indifferent egg. I would describe him as "Kimokawaii" disgusting -cute. Something about the lack of emotion in his little yolky face makes my heart melt~
He is very popular in Japan right now with a popular array of gatcha, plushies and LINE stamps. There is also a cafe in Machida based around his character which I intend on visiting soon! >w<

Of course I have a real soft spot for My Melody, Melo is probably my favorite kawaii character. This display really did her justice and they sold the most adorable little tea cups! Something about her character design feels so fancy to me.

After that we found a shop dedicated to the LINE application. There you can buy goods based off the characters, such as plushies and cookies. They also had giant versions of the characters, which was pretty amazing. LINE is the instant messaging application of choice in Japan, it is necessary if you want to build connections or keep in touch with your Japanese friends as a lot of them don't use Facebook.

Then we finally found the "Oui, Ayano Ruban" boutique down one of the side streets of Harajuku, the clothes obviously have a very fancy, pink and French feel and at the moment there are some Sanrio collaborations. The store itself is gorgeous and I would suggest giving it a look just to see the decor,

And then finally we both took some Purikura to remember our little trip~

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