Thursday, 8 January 2015

Christmas and Christmas Eve~

This was my second Christmas in Japan; the first one I spent in Koshigaya and me and my friends played some animal related boardgame, ate some curry and had an early night so this years Christmas was way better in comparison >w<

On the Christmas Eve, Leo took me to the illuminations in Tachikawa. Tachikawa is a little ways out from the center of Tokyo so there was more space for a huuuuge park filled with twinkling lights, a mini-train, christmas concert, German market and Ice rink!

It was really nostalgic of the kind of thing we used to have in my hometown in England, so it really felt like Christmas to me.

The whole park was filled with sparkling lights, even on the trees and in the fountain, What really made it special was the little firework display they held at the end; there were fireworks that I had never seen before - some burst into shimmering hearts and others just kept exploding into a kaleidoscope of different colors, it was so magical!

We ate one of the special new years foods, it is azuki (red) bean soup with mochi in it, the name has actually escaped me but it was pretty hot and delicious.  I like bean flavored desserts because they're not too sweet <3 Although I am a little cautious lately with all these mochi related deaths!

There was this little glowing bunny everywhere, I think it is the Tachikawa mascot but I can't be sure exactly.

Before we started ice skating I told Leo I was really bad at it, he didn't believe me ;D
I think I fell over like three times? my panties got full of ice and I ricoched into some poor unsuspecting couple and nearly killed their child. BUT I got slightly better~
We got to keep these luminous orange gloves too. WINNING!

Then we had dinner in an Izakaya and went home for an early night.

I woke up at like 4am to wrap Leo's present, I nearly dropped it in the toilet like 4 times because I thought the bathroom would be sound proof x3

Christmas day

Our Christmas tree looked pretty impressive considering it was only two foot tall, don't you think?
When we put it up, Leo accidently broke one of the legs off it and glued it back on, he left the house saying "don't touch the Christmas tree".
Naturally I tripped over one of my socks and went flying headfirst into the tree, breaking the leg off. I sellotaped the leg back on, put all the decorations on but they fell off like 4 times and the entire process took me about two hours.... D;

Leo bought me so many Princess-style items for Christmas, it made up for me and my family being too lazy to send each other anything >w<
The bag and purse are My melody x Liz Lisa and the little Rillakkumma speaker actually dances to music!

We had a lazy day for the first part, but I had to head in to Shinjuku to pick up some ingredients for dinner. There is a little import shop in Kabukicho that does fancy, fine food so we went there to get Foie Gras!~

Whilst walking through Kabukicho my shoe somehow exploded and I had to hop to the nearest Kyaba shop the buy these Cinderella style shoes. If I can offer you any advice it's do NOT walk through Kabukicho with one shoe on, your foot will get super sticky and full of glass >w<

For dinner we cooked steak with foie gras, mash potatoes and meat gravy, breaded mushrooms stuffed with pate and tomato and mozzarella salad. We had cherry champagne too so after eating this we were pretty much K.Oed~
 I feel like this was pretty much a perfect Christmas, the only thing lacking was that we didn't have a TV or games console, as back in the UK I used to play games most of Christmas. I think that was more than made up for with adventures, good food and great company though <3

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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