Thursday, 25 December 2014

Tokyo Decadence Christmas party!

Of course I would want to spend my Christmas party surrounded by the people I love in a Gothic and fetish venue~

We had a mini-meet up before hand, had hair set and purikura and then headed to Tokyo Decadence for a night of christmas debauchery <3

Mix Speakers inc were playing that night which made me really want to go, I loved them ever since one of them cosplayed as a castle for one of their PVs. A CASTLE.

It was also the first time I met Alice, she is so kind, genki and princess-like!

I also found out that Kali is some kind of makeup wizard as she was showing me her Visual Kei cosplays.

And I got to spend some quality time with my best friend,

Everyone looked pretty flamboyant, which was excellent, I also learnt that I can't drink wine but I can consume ungodly amounts of tequila~

I cosplayed a christmas angel, which meant I was smacking everyone in the face with my wings all night, knocking everything off tables and generally just being a big winged nuisance X3

Leo was a christmas demon I guess haha But our outfits matched and he looked incredibly handsome!

I also learnt how much humans actually need two eyes, after repeatedly falling over, punching people by accident and drinking the wrong drinks、because of this eyepatch.

After a few rounds of purikura we headed to the venue where we drunk too much, danced around like loons and engaged in some gimp whipping. It was a pretty top night. I wish I could report more on Decadence but I somehow got too drunk and had to leave early >ー<

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