Thursday, 25 December 2014


I was really shocked to find out that my boyfriend lived next door to Puroland. It's somewhere I had always wanted to visit, being a massive Sanrio fan. "OMG WE CAN VISIT MY MELO EVERY DAY" "No".

The outside of the building is pretty impressive. It beats the Disneyland castle I think,, with a giant glowing rainbow and cascading golden towers.

It was kind of a weird atmosphere because obviously there were a lot of small children there, but also a lot of couples on dates and Middle Schoolers, it seemed like something that everyone could enjoy.

When we arrived we were already pretty hungry, of course I wanted to eat only super sugary kawaii things. Most of the food came in children's portions, which was fine by me >=<
I chose a fuchsia pink My Melody bento box because you could keep the bento box afterwards, It was a bento so it was cold, but it was actually really delicious and had a lot of interesting flavors. Trying to stab that little tomato with that tiny little spork was a disaster waiting to happen though.

The desserts were cute too, I got some kind of white chocolate and strawberry mousse because again, I could keep the My Meody cup.

Inside the park itself there were many cute rides, they are all pretty slow because they are actually aimed at small childen, but they were all enjoyable even for people not interested in Sanrio.

The main part on the inside is a giant tree with glittering lights. You can go inside the tree and walk through the staircase to the top where there is a big bell that you ring to activate a "Happy spell". I guess it worked because I felt pretty happy after that~

My favourite thing inside the tree is a "matching" game. You need two people to stand infront of the screen and each put your hand on a mirror, then you have to hold hands, The screen gives youa percentage on how much you match. It doesn't work unless you hold hands, which is really cute! We got 90%, I was like "THAT WILL DO ;D"

I couldn't take many photos on the inside because it was kind of dark so the lighting was bad, it reminded me of the little enchanted forests in the Legend of Zelda!

Finally there were many little shows and performances going on, I think they are seasonal but the one that we watched was based on Alice in Wonderland and was actually really interesting. They had English subtitles on the side screen which helped a lot too.

And finally Purikura!

I wore Angelic Pretty because I seldom get to wear Lolita these days. I think it matched with the atmosphere well and I saw a few other Lolitas there!
We left with a ton of Sanrio goods too, I think it was worth it just to get the goods they sell there >=< I totally recommend going if you are any kind of fan of Sanrio characters!

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